Eastern Palace Compound

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Eastern Palace Compound

The Eastern Palace Compound is an area at the east end of Hyrule in the Light World of A Link to the Past.

The area is somewhat mountainous with several elevation changes. Link encounters Octoroks and Armos as the primary foes in this area. If Link travels to the southeast portion of the Compound, a lone blue Sword Soldier can be found. A second soldier protects the entrance of the Eastern Palace.


The Eastern Palace Compound is the area immediately around the Eastern Palace. There is only one primary entrance to the Compound and that is at the southwest corner of the area, leading to a field region near the Bridge. The Compound is bordered to the north by the Magic Shop and the pathway leading to the Waterfall of Wishing and Zora's Waterfall. However, there is no direct pathway connecting these locations. The Compound extends southward to a lone cave at the east end of Hyrule, and it is bordered to the south by Lake Hylia, although no direct path connects the two locations.


Upon first entering the Eastern Palace, Link can head to Sahasrahla's Hideout, a building at the west end of the Compound. This small cave is where Sahasrahla has taken cover. He informs Link that he must journey to the Eastern Palace and acquire the Pendant of Courage. After completing the dungeon, Link can return to Sahasrahla's Hideout where he acquires the Pegasus Boots. The wall at the north end of the hideout can be blown up to uncover several Treasure Chests.

At the southeast portion of the Compound, Link finds a cave that leads to a Fairy Fountain. Just outside this cave, there are several pegs along with a stone. Link can pound the pegs with the Magic Hammer and lift the stone to find a Magical Warp Tile leading to the Dark World.

Eastern Palace

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The main attraction is the Eastern Palace located at the north-east portion of the Compound. This is the location of the Pendant of Courage and where Link acquires the Bow as the dungeon item.