Spectacle Rock

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This article is about the location from The Legend of Zelda. For the location in Breath of the Wild, see Spectacle Rock (Breath of the Wild).

Spectacle Rock is a location from The Legend of Zelda.

The Legend of Zelda

Spectacle Rock is found to the far north of Hyrule, on the Death Mountain range that runs alongside the northern barrier of Hyrule. This screen is mentioned by name by the Old Man in Level 8: The Lion. The Old Man says, "SPECTACLE ROCK IS AN ENTRANCE TO DEATH".[1] Using this hint, Link can bomb the left rock on this screen to reveal a hole. Inside this hole is Ganon's lair, which is also the final dungeon in The Legend of Zelda, Level 9: Death Mountain.

This screen is infested with many blue and red Lynels. These enemies are merely a distraction; they do not need to be defeated or interacted with at all to gain access to Ganon's lair.


This section contains non-canon fan theory and speculation.

Spectacle Rock has been thought to appear in the more recent Zelda titles, merely based on the assumption that the summit of Death Mountain is still Spectacle Rock. However, until Breath of the Wild, no game had an area officially titled Spectacle Rock, and the Breath of the Wild location is not on Death Mountain.


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