Level 6 (Second Quest)

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Level 6 is the sixth dungeon in the Second Quest of The Legend of Zelda. Inside this dungeon lies the sixth fragment of the Triforce of Wisdom. To reach this dungeon, Link must travel through the Lost Woods as he has not yet acquired the Stepladder. This dungeon is located one screen up, five screens left, one screen up, one screen left, one screen down, one screen up, one screen left, one screen down, one screen left, one screen left, and three screens up from the Starting Screen. Finally, play the Recorder to reveal the entrance to the dungeon. The Boss of Level 6 is Gohma. This dungeon has an unusual shape since, unlike all of the other dungeons in the game, it wasn't intentionally designed to look like anything in particular. Rather, it is simply the spare space between the Z-shaped dungeon and the L-shaped dungeon.


The main obtainable item in this dungeon is called the Stepladder, and it is used to cross small gaps in the floor that were previously uncrossable. This item is necessary to complete the game, as many later dungeons contain gaps only crossable via the Stepladder. There is also a Heart Container that is only obtainable using the Stepladder. It can be found in the far east of Hyrule. The Stepladder is found in a side-scrolling section of the dungeon. The entrance to this area is found, from the entrance to the dungeon, two rooms up, three rooms left, then by pushing the furthest left block to reveal the staircase.


All of the enemies found in this dungeon are listed below.


Main article: Gleeok (The Legend of Zelda)

A repeating boss from previous dungeons, Gleeok appears as a two-headed dragon that has been lowered to a Mini-Boss status in this dungeon. Gleeok guards the door that leads to the final few rooms of the dungeon, and its defeat is required to complete the game. The battle is exactly the same as the earlier battle in Level 2. After defeating Gleeok, Link can immediately access the next room containing a staircase that will take him to a room with Manhandla, followed by Gohma.


Main article: Manhandla (The Legend of Zelda)

Manhandla reappears in this dungeon in the room immediately before the dungeon's main boss. This time, there are two blocks in the middle of the room with Manhandla, which may cause Link some difficulty to maneuver around. Though Link cannot go back the way he came without defeating this mini-boss, he can walk past Manhandla into the next room with Gohma without fighting, if he wishes to.


Main article: Gohma (The Legend of Zelda)

The Boss of Level 6 is known as Gohma, and is a single-eyed spider-like creature. Its only attack is to shoot fireballs at Link that he cannot block, even with the Magical Shield. The Bow is the only item that can inflict damage upon Gohma, and only while its eye is open. This fight is made more difficult by the four Stone Statues in the corners of the rooms shooting fireballs at Link while he tries to concentrate on defeating the boss. After Link has successfully defeated Gohma, he can walk into the room where the sixth Triforce fragment is and collect it.

Old Man Location

There is only one Old Man location that can be found throughout the dungeon. The location is near the entrance, three screens up and two screens left. Inside this room, the Old Man gives Link a hint. He says, "SOUTH OF ARROW MARK HIDES A SECRET".[1] This is a reference to the location of the entrance to Level 8, in which Link must bomb the wall one screen directly below the arrow-shaped boulders on Death Mountain.

Compass & Dungeon Map

Both the Compass and Dungeon Map appear in this dungeon, and are exactly the same as their previous versions.


The Compass is used by Link to show him the location of the Triforce fragment that can be found in the dungeon via a blinking spot on the map. This helps give Link a sense of direction as he travels through the dungeon. The room that contains the Compass is only accessible after Link has acquired the Stepladder. There are many Keese in this room; however, they do not need to be defeated because the Compass is already available on the left side of the room. This room is located, from the entrance, three rooms up, one room left, one room up through a passable wall, then one room right through a bombable wall.

Dungeon Map

The Dungeon Map is also found in this dungeon, and it serves the function of displaying the entire layout of the dungeon for Link to see. This allows Link to find all the secret rooms in the dungeon. The room that the Dungeon Map is found in contains four Like Likes and four Blade Traps. After Link kills all the Like Likes, the map appears in the middle of the room. This room is three screens up and one screen left from the entrance to the dungeon.

Keys & Locked Doors

Level 6 contains both Small Keys and Locked Doors all over the dungeon. In total, there are two keys and three Locked Doors throughout the dungeon. It is possible to only open two of the Locked Doors, as the door leading to the Old Man is not required to be opened to complete the dungeon. Alternatively, the Old Man can be reached by using a Bomb to destroy a fake wall.



  1. "SOUTH OF ARROW MARK HIDES A SECRET" — Old Man, The Legend of Zelda.