Level 2: The Moon

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Level 2: The Moon is the second dungeon found in The Legend of Zelda. After obtaining the first Triforce fragment from the first dungeon, the Eagle, The Moon can be reached by traveling, from the Starting Screen, four screens east, two screens north, two screens east, one screen north, one screen west, and finally up the large staircase. The second Triforce fragment is located here, being guarded by a Dodongo, the boss of the dungeon. After defeating the Dodongo, Link can collect the Triforce fragment and head to the next dungeon, Level 3: The Manji.


There is only one obtainable item found in this dungeon, and it is actually an upgrade to a previous item. It is called the Magical Boomerang, and is an upgrade to the Boomerang, which was found in Level 1: The Eagle. There are a few differences between the two, the first and main difference is the Magical Boomerang has almost double the range as the Boomerang, as it travels the full length of the screen when thrown, whereas the Boomerang does not. Also, the Boomerang has a red color to it, while the Magical Boomerang is blue. It is found in a room full of Goriyas on the southeast side of the dungeon. It only appears after Link has defeated all the Goriyas.



Main article: Dodongo (The Legend of Zelda)

The Boss of The Moon is called Dodongo. Dodongo is a four-legged creature that looks similar to a Triceratops. Dodongo walks around the room absent-mindedly, almost ignoring Link's presence. Its only attack is to make contact with Link, which causes a full heart of damage. After killing it with a couple of well placed Bombs, Dodongo is defeated, and leaves a Heart Container behind. After collecting the Heart Container, Link can enter the next room, where the second Triforce fragment is there, waiting for him.

Old Man Location

The Old Man is once again present in this dungeon. He can be found in a room that is about three rooms before the Boss room, where Dodongo lies. The Old Man only says three words to Link, and these can be used to help figure out how to defeat Dodongo. He says, "DODONGO DISLIKES SMOKE".[1] This is a reference to how Dodongo is weak against Bombs.

Dungeon Map & Compass

Similarly to the first dungeon of the game, The Moon features the Dungeon Map and the Compass.


Main article: Compass

The Compass is an item that shows Link the location of the Triforce fragment in this dungeon. It represents it with a flashing circle on the map. It helps show Link a more clear path through the dungeon into the direction of the Triforce fragment. It is found in the room that's up one room and right two rooms from the entrance of the dungeon, where there are multiple Gels. The Compass is in the top-right corner of the room.

Dungeon Map

Main article: Dungeon Map

The Dungeon Map is yet again found in The Moon. It is used by Link to show the layout of the dungeon, revealing that the dungeon is shaped like a Quarter Moon. It is found in the room that is one room up, one room right, one room up, and finally one room right from the entrance to the dungeon. Inside this room, the Map can be found right in the center, along with multiple Gels.

Keys & Locked Doors

The Moon features quite a few Small Keys and Locked Doors throughout the dungeon. In total, there are four keys available to be collected throughout the dungeon. These keys can be obtained by either defeating all the enemies in one room, or killing a specific enemy that holds the key. Along with these four keys, there are three Locked Doors. This basically means that one key can be saved and used in another dungeon. Also, with clever use of bombs, Link can visit every room in the dungeon without using any of his keys.



  1. "DODONGO DISLIKES SMOKE" — Old Man, The Legend of Zelda.