Level 7 (Second Quest)

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Level 7 is the seventh Dungeon in the Second Quest of The Legend of Zelda. Link travels here in search of the seventh fragment of the Triforce of Wisdom. In order to find the entrance, Link must travel from the up one screen and right five screens from the Starting Screen. Once here, Link must burn a bush to reveal the entrance to the dungeon, however, to do this, Link must make his way around to the other side of the bushes. This level is shaped like a small counter-clockwise spiral.


The main item Link can find in this dungeon is called the Red Candle. This item is an upgrade of the Blue Candle, and does all the things the Blue Candle did, including lighting rooms, burning bushes, and harming enemies. However, the one and only difference between the two is that the Blue Candle has a restriction that only allows it to be used once in a screen. The Red Candle can be used multiple times in a room, making it a much more viable option in a room full of enemies. The Red Candle, similarly to most items in the game, is found a side-scrolling section that can be entered via a staircase. This staircase is found in the room that is, from the entrance, right three rooms, then going down a staircase that is revealed after defeating all of the enemies and pushing a block, emerge on the other side and go down one room. This room contains a mix of Darknuts and Pols Voice. Defeating them all grants Link the ability to move the block blocking the staircase and enter the area where the Red Candle is found.


Level 7 presents a large mix of enemies. All the enemies found are listed below.


Main article: Manhandla (The Legend of Zelda)

Manhandla appears for the last time in Level 7, and can be found twice during the level. The first fight happens four screens east of the entrance, and since the door behind Link closes once he enters the room, he must defeat Manhandla in order to continue. Its final appearance is in the center of the level, in a dead end room north of an Old Man who robs Link of his rupees or his hearts. Since this room does not lead anywhere else in the dungeon and the door closes behind Link if he enters, the Manhandla serves as a trap that Link must overcome if he enters the room by mistake. If Link goes south from that room with the Old Man instead, he can continue on towards the boss, ignoring the last Manhandla.


Main article: Gohma (The Legend of Zelda)

The final Gohma in the game is found halfway through this dungeon, guarding the stairway that leads towards the innermost part of the level. Gohma is joined by a pair of fireball-shooting Stone Statues in the middle of the dungeon, but the fight is otherwise the same as in the previous level. Once it is defeated, Link can continue on towards the rest of the dungeon.


Main article: Gleeok (The Legend of Zelda)

Gleeok returns as the main boss of Level 7. This time, he has a total of four heads that need to be defeated. The battle is otherwise the same as the last battle. If Link has obtained the Magical Sword, the first head only takes three hits to remove, and each other head takes only two more hits, making this battle much easier. After defeating Gleeok, Link can collect the Heart Container and move on to the next room to collect the seventh Triforce fragment.

Old Man Location

There are two Old Man locations found in this dungeon. They each say "LEAVE YOUR LIFE OR MONEY",[1] requiring Link to leave either 1 Heart Container or 50 Rupees. Link only needs to pass through one of the rooms in order to complete the level, since the other one merely sends him back to the beginning of the level. However, unlike in a similar room in Level 4, the doors all shut behind Link when he enters the room, so if he does not immediately have 50 rupees to give up, he must sacrifice one of his Heart Containers. Alternatively, if Link enters the room while he only has the three Heart Containers that he started his quest with, the Old Man will be unable to steal one of his Heart Containers. Instead, if Link chooses to 'leave his life' the Old Man will empty his hearts, causing Link to die if he receives any damage before healing again.

Compass & Dungeon Map

Similar to previous dungeons in this game, the Compass and Dungeon Map both appear in this dungeon.


The Compass is found in this dungeon and is used to show Link the location of the Triforce fragment hidden in the dungeon on his map via a blinking spot. The Compass is very easy to find in this dungeon, as it is only one room to the left of the entrance. This room contains Blade Traps and two Zols. The Compass is on the floor in the lower right section of the room.

Dungeon Map

The Dungeon Map shows Link the layout of the dungeon after he has collected it. This helps Link find and enter all the rooms in this dungeon. The room this item is found in contains two Red Darknuts, two Blue Darknuts, three Red Bubbles and one Blue Bubble. After defeating all of the Darknuts, the map appears in the upper left portion of the room. This room is found by going five rooms right and one room up from the entrance.

Keys & Locked Doors

There is only one Small Key and two Locked Doors throughout the dungeon. One of the Locked Doors, however, does not need to be opened to complete the dungeon.



  1. "LEAVE YOUR LIFE OR MONEY" — Old Man, The Legend of Zelda.