Level 3 (Second Quest)

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Level 3 is the third dungeon in the Second Quest of The Legend of Zelda. Link travels here directly after he has acquired the second Triforce fragment from the second dungeon. Level 3 can be reached by traveling, from the Starting Screen, four screens east, two screens north, two screens east, one screen north, one screen west, and finally up the large staircase. Play the Recorder to cause the lake to dry up and reveal the entrance. The Boss of this dungeon is a group of three Dodongos. However, unlike in any other dungeon in this game, this Boss does not guard the Triforce fragment from Link. Instead, a group of six Goriya in a later room do. After defeating these enemies, Link can collect the Triforce fragment and leave the dungeon.

This dungeon's layout is shaped to form the letter "L". When re-ordered, the layouts of the first five dungeons will spell "ZELDA".


There is only one obtainable item found in this dungeon, and it is actually an upgrade to a previous item. It is called the Magical Boomerang, and is an upgrade to the Boomerang, which was found in Level 1. There are a few differences between the two, the first and main difference is the Magical Boomerang has almost double the range as the Boomerang, as it travels the full length of the screen when thrown, whereas the Boomerang does not. It is found in a room full of Goriyas in the northernmost room of the dungeon. Link must give Food to a Hungry Goriya to reach the room. It only appears after Link has defeated all the Goriyas.


The enemies in this dungeon are slightly less difficult than enemies from previous dungeons.


Main article: Dodongo (The Legend of Zelda)

The Boss of Level 3 is a pack of three Dodongos. Dodongos are four-legged creatures that look similar to a Triceratops. Dodongo walks around the room absent-mindedly, almost ignoring Link's presence. Its only attack is to make contact with Link, which causes a full heart of damage. After killing each one with a couple of well placed Bombs, the Dodongos are defeated, and leave a Heart Container behind. Since the door to the next room is unlocked, Link can continue on to find the third Triforce fragment whether or not he defeats these Dodongos.

Hungry Goriya

There is a Hungry Goriya in this dungeon that can be found blocking the path to the northernmost room of the dungeon. This Goriya just sits there and blocks the way, mumbling "GRUMBLE, GRUMBLE.."[1] It only moves out of the way if Link feeds it the Food, which can be bought at some shops across Hyrule. After the Goriya is fed, he disappears, giving Link access to the room holding the Magical Boomerang.

Dungeon Map & Compass

The Dungeon Map and Compass predictably make an appearance in this dungeon.


The Compass is used to show Link the location of the Triforce fragment on his map via a flashing circle. This indicates its location, and helps Link create a pathway to the end of the dungeon. The Compass is located in the room that's one room up, one room right and one room down from the entrance. Oddly enough, the compass is found in the room following the dungeon boss. It is on the floor in the middle of the room, protected by Wallmasters. Link can simply avoid the enemies and grab the Compass.

Dungeon Map

The Dungeon Map is also found in this dungeon, and it shows Link the layout of this particular dungeon. It helps Link find and visit any rooms he has not yet entered. It is found in the room that is three rooms up from the entrance. Inside this room, there are Stone Statues and Goriyas, with the Dungeon Map lying on the floor right in the middle.

Keys & Locked Doors

As with every dungeon in The Legend of Zelda, there are multiple Small Keys and Locked Doors featured throughout the dungeon. The keys are used to unlock the Locked Doors, and thus are required to complete the dungeon. There is only one Small Key available to be collected in this dungeon and it is near the end of the dungeon. Along with this one key, there are three Locked Doors. This means that Link will need to either collect extra keys from a previous dungeon, or buy additional keys from a shop to explore the entire dungeon. Since there are three more keys than Locked Doors in the previous dungeon, Link should be able to complete this level if he explores diligently. Alternatively, he can save another key by not unlocking the room holding the Magical Boomerang.



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