Level 5: The Lizard

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Level 5: The Lizard is the fifth dungeon found in The Legend of Zelda. Known by many because of its hard-to-find location, this dungeon hides the fifth fragment of the Triforce of Wisdom. The Lizard is one of the more difficult dungeons in the game, filled with stronger enemies in greater numbers. Its location is in northern Hyrule, near Death Mountain. It can only be travelled to if Link first enters the Lost Hills, and travels upward four times. The Boss of this dungeon is called Digdogger. Once Link has defeated Digdogger, he can collect the fifth fragment and move on.


As per the usual of The Legend of Zelda dungeons, there a single item Link can gain in this dungeon. It is called the Recorder, and is the only musical instrument found in this game. The Recorder has some very limited uses, including sending Link back to the entrance of a dungeon that he has completed if he plays it while in the Overworld. Also, it is required to defeat the boss of the dungeon, Digdogger. Lastly, it is used to gain access to the seventh dungeon of the game, The Demon. The Recorder is found in a side-scrolling area that is found, from the entrance, two rooms up, one room left, one room down, one room left, down the staircase and through the first side-scrolling section, one room left, and finally down the staircase.


This dungeon introduces two brand new enemies, the first being a Pols Voice, a rabbit-like creature that can easily be killed with the Bow. The second is called a Gibdo, which appears as an undead mummy. Any sword works best on them. The rest of the enemies found in this dungeon have been seen before.


Main article: Digdogger (The Legend of Zelda)

The boss of The Lizard is known as Digdogger. This circle-shaped monster has a single eye that lies in the middle of its body. The room in which the battle takes place is directly south of the room where the is located. Also, there are four Stone Statues in the area that shoot fireballs at Link while he is fighting Digdogger. While Digdogger is still large, he cannot be defeated. In order to inflict damage, Link must play his Recorder, which shrinks Digdogger into a much smaller version of itself. Link can now attack unmercifully, until Digdogger is dead and the way to the fifth is opened.

Old Man Location

The Old Man yet again makes another appearance inside a dungeon. Throughout The Lizard, Link meets the Old Man not once, not twice, but thrice. The first and last meetings both involve the Old Man giving Link a helpful hint. The first hint is "DIGDOGGER HATES CERTAIN KIND OF SOUND",[1] suggesting that Link must use the Recorder to defeat him. The second Old Man is found in a room not on the map, hidden in the 'eye' of the lizard. In here, he says, "SECRET POWER IS SAID TO BE IN THE ARROW",[2] giving Link a hint on the weakness of the Pols Voice that plague this dungeon and future ones. The third meeting involves the Old Man presenting Link with the opportunity to increase the maximum number of Bombs he can hold. The Old Man simply says, "I BET YOU'D LIKE TO HAVE MORE BOMBS",[3] and below him is a Rupee symbol and the number "-100" underneath it. If Link touches this Rupee symbol, his maximum bomb capacity increases by four and he automatically receives as many bombs as he can hold. However, he also loses 100 Rupees.

Compass & Dungeon Map

The Compass and Dungeon Map both reappear in this dungeon.


The Compass is used by Link to display the location of the that is hidden in the dungeon via a blinking spot on the map. This basically leads Link right to his destination, which is of course the. The Compass is being guarded by three Red Darknuts, and does not appear until Link has defeated all three of these Darknuts. This particular room is found three rooms up, one room right, and one room up from the entrance to the dungeon.

Dungeon Map

The Dungeon Map, once obtained, shows Link the entire layout of the dungeon. This allows Link to find and search through all unexplored rooms, causing him to uncover some secrets that he may have not found. The room where the map is found contains no enemies and is pitch black. This room is three rooms up from the entrance, and requires two Small Keys to reach.

Keys & Locked Doors

There are multiple Small Keys and Locked Doors found throughout The Lizard. There are seven total Small Keys available to be collected in this dungeon, and most require the defeat of all the enemies in a room for the key to appear. Also, there are only six Locked Doors found throughout the dungeon, but Link only needs to open four of them to complete the dungeon if he doesn't mind skipping the map or an Old Man's hint.



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