Level 4 (Second Quest)

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Level 4 is the fourth dungeon in the Second Quest of The Legend of Zelda. Link travels here in search of the fourth fragment of the Triforce of Wisdom after having collecting the first three from each of the first three dungeons in the game. In order to get to this dungeon, Link must head, from the Starting Screen, four screens east, five screens north, one screen east, one screen north, and one screen west. Link must then push the rightmost boulder to reveal the entrance to the dungeon. There are multiple Mini-Bosses in this dungeon, including Aquamentus, Digdogger, a single Dodongo and three Dodongos. Also, the Boss of this dungeon is another Digdogger, and it is the guardian of the fourth Triforce fragment, meaning Link has the task of defeating it. Once Digdogger is defeated, Link can collect the pirce of the Triforce.

This dungeon's layout is shaped to form the letter "D". When re-ordered, the layouts of the first five dungeons will spell "ZELDA".


There are two obtainable items in this dungeon, the Raft and the Book of Magic. The Raft allows Link to float across large pools of water, in order to gain access to previous inaccessible areas. To be specific, there are two primary locations that the Raft is required to reach. The first is in the top-right corner of the Overworld, and holds a Heart Container. The second is located towards the middle of the Overworld, and leads to the fifth dungeon of the Second Quest. The Raft is hidden well, since Link will have to ignore the Triforce fragment after defeating the boss, and walk through the fake north wall of that room into the rest of the dungeon to find it. The Book of Magic is actually completely useless until Link obtains the Magical Rod from Level 8, much later in the game. It is an upgrade to the Magical Rod, as with this book Link's Magical Rod creates a flame after its beam hits an object.


Below is a list of all the enemies found within Level 4.


Main article: Aquamentus (The Legend of Zelda)

Aquamentus is a green dragon that shoots fireballs at Link. This battle takes place right before the room where the Book of Magic is located, and Aquamentus is standing right in front of the door. With the original Sword, it takes a total of six hits to kill Aquamentus. If Link gets hit by one of the fireballs shot from Aquamentus, he loses half a heart, same if he comes in contact with Aquamentus. After defeating it, the locked door will open and Link can enter the next room, where he can defeat all of the enemies and push a block to reveal the staircase leading to the Book of Magic.


Main article: Dodongo (The Legend of Zelda)

Dodongo is a four-legged creature that looks similar to a Triceratops. Dodongo walks around the room absentmindedly, almost ignoring Link's presence. Its only attack is to make contact with Link, which causes a full heart of damage. After killing it with a couple of well placed Bombs, Dodongo is defeated, and the locked doors open allowing access to the next room.


Main article: Digdogger (The Legend of Zelda)

Digdogger appears as a Mini-Boss near the entrance to the dungeon. Link fights Digdogger not once, but twice in this dungeon, the second time as the boss. Each battle is exactly the same, though the fireball-shooting Stone Statues in the room with it change position: There are two in the center of the room with the mini-boss and four in the corners of the room with the boss. Digdogger splits into three mini-Digdoggers after Link has played the Recorder.

Digdogger reappears as the boss of the dungeon, guarding the door that leads to the fourth Triforce fragment. Digdogger splits into three mini-Digdoggers after Link has played the Recorder, much like the mini-boss earlier. Link must defeat Digdogger to gain access to the Triforce fragment.

Old Man Location

The Old Man is located in three rooms in this dungeon. He occupies the room that is the most north-west on Link's map. Once Link gets inside this room, the Old Man gives Link some advice. He says, "IF YOU GO IN THE DIRECTION OF THE ARROW".[1] This hint may point towards the arrow made of rocks on a screen along the northern border of the map, which may be intended point Link towards the hidden Heart Container three screens west, the entrance to the final dungeon in the northwest corner of the map, or the Magical Sword hidden on the same screen as that arrow.

The Old Man appears again in the room directly east of the first Old Man. This time he says, "LEAVE YOUR LIFE OR MONEY",[2] requiring Link to either permanently give up one Heart Container or pay 50 Rupees in order to continue through the dungeon. If Link chooses to lose a Heart Container, it cannot be found again for the rest of the game. On the other hand, if Link enters the room with the maximum capacity of only three hearts that he started with, the Old Man will be unable to steal one of his Heart Containers. Instead, if Link chooses to 'leave his life' the Old Man will empty his hearts, causing Link to die if he receives any damage before healing again.

The third Old Man is located near the center of the dungeon. Here, the Old Man offers Link a Bomb capacity upgrade from a maximum of 8 to a maximum to 12. He says, "I BET YOU'D LIKE TO HAVE MORE BOMBS."[3] Also, there is a Rupee symbol underneath the Old Man and "-100" underneath the Rupee symbol. By touching the symbol, Link loses one hundred Rupees and gets the upgrade, as well as many bombs as he can now carry.

Compass & Dungeon Map

The Compass and Dungeon Map both make another appearance in this dungeon.


The Compass has one function in this game; to show Link the location of the hidden Triforce fragment on his map via a blinking dot. This helps give Link a sense of direction as he tries to find a way to the end of the dungeon. It can be found in the room that is one room up and one room left from the entrance to the dungeon. Inside this room, Link must defeat all of the enemies for the Compass to appear in the middle of the room.

Dungeon Map

The Dungeon Map is used to show the layout of the dungeon, which in this dungeon reveals the shape of the letter "D". It can be found in the room that is up one room, one room left, four rooms up, two rooms right, and one room up from the entrance to the dungeon. This room contains six Blue Darknuts which must be defeated before the map will appear on the floor in the middle of the room.

Keys & Locked Doors

Throughout the dungeon, Link finds himself bumping into both Small Keys and Locked Doors. He can find all the keys which allow him to open these Locked Doors. In total, there are a total of four keys that Link can collect in this dungeon, but he will need to come back with the Stepladder from Level 6 to reach one of them. In addition, there are only three Locked Doors that require a key to open, but one can be skipped if Link ignores the Book of Magic, and another can if he also ignores the Old Man selling a bomb upgrade.



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