6.1 Repairing the Bridge

Optional: 5th Grass Rabbit

Journey to the southeast portion of this map and as you make the final curve on the tracks, keep your eye to the right. You’ll see a rabbit peaking out from behind a stone. Blast away and capture the rabbit to get the 5th Grass Rabbit, and the 12th rabbit overall. This rabbit is really tucked behind a rock that is over the hill. You will soon restore tracks to make it easier to reach this rabbit if you cannot reach it already.

If you are not already there, make your way to the southeastern edge of the map. As you draw near, you’ll notice that the bridge which leads to the new area is broken! You’ll also notice that there is a station here. Pull up at the station to known as the Trading Post.

~ Trading Post ~

Run on over to the only house that is at this train stop and you’ll meet up with a very familiar face: Linebeck III. He runs the Linebeck Trading Company, but because the bridge is broken and the Spirit Tracks are disappearing it is affecting his business. He mentions that he knows a bridge repair specialist who lives up in the Snow Realm. The bridge worker he is referring to lives over at the station that is conveniently known as the Bridge Worker’s Home. After defeating the Snow Temple you did gain access to this station, so you might have already met him. Leave the house and head back to the train.

Leave the trading post and head towards the Tower of Spirits. This is actually the fastest way to get to the east part of the Snow Realm. Once you get off the train, just talk to Anjean and get right back on, but select the Snow Realm as your destination. Once you are in the Snow Realm ride forward and the very first stop is the Bridge Worker’s Home, so stop right there.

~ Bridge Worker’s Home ~

Run straight into the house and speak with the Bridge Worker a few times to tell him about the broken bridge. He’s ready to go right now and will head off to the train.

Optional: Big Green Rupee

Before heading to the train as well, there is a quick secret here at the Bridge Worker’s House. Just to the east of the house you will find four rocks. Toss the four rocks aside and then play the song of discovery. This will cause a treasure to appear; open it up to get a big green rupee!

Now run off towards the train and you’ll actually run into Ferrus, our photographer friend. He tells you that you have to follow all the train signs, as well as the train speeds. You cannot make any sudden stops or forget to pull the train whistle at marked signs; otherwise the carpenter will get off your train and yell at you. All aboard! Now go back to the Tower of Spirits and then all the way back to the Trading Posting station. Remember to adhere to all railroad signs, while always watching out for enemies!

~ Trading Post Revisited ~

The Carpenter will then head off to start working on the bridge. Run on over to check it out and you’ll be joined by Linebeck III. Linebeck doesn’t want to pay the 5,000 rupee cost to fix the bridge, so that burden will fall on Link.

Once the discussion is finished run over to Linebeck’s house and talk to him. Linebeck mentions that his grandfather left him a note about the very rare Regal Ring that is worth 8000 rupees, but he was never able to figure out where it was hidden. Leave the house and head to your left. If you haven’t learned the Song of Discovery yet, play the Song of Awakening for the statue here to learn it. Now enter the Cave to the left.

Inside the cave you’ll see a Like-Like. Be careful as these fellows will steal your shield if they suck you in. They are tough to defeat so it may be best to just run right passed them. If you do choose to stay and fight, your best bet would be to toss a bomb into its mouth while it is trying to suck you in.

Optional: Trading Post Stamp Station

Run forward and you’ll notice that there is a stamp station on the left side. Jump over to the left and then use a bomb to blow up the boulder that is blocking the way. Jump on over and stamp your stamp book at the Stamp Station! That gives us the all important 10th stamp into our notebook, which we will soon get a reward for!

Exit the cave at the north end and you’ll appear back outside, but you are now north of the train tracks. You can read the tablet to find that the legendary Captain Linebeck is buried here. How sad. You will see a statue with small notes being playing out of it. The order is Purple, Yellow, Orange, Turquoise, and Silver. Pull out the Spirit Flute and play these notes. The song is absolutely brilliant and it’s known as the Song of Light. A crystal will appear from the ground and it shines its light to the northeast.

Walk to the edge where the light is shining. Pull out the boomerang and trace a path where the light is shining to find a switch out in the water. Hit it and it will create a small bridge to the east.

Run on over and cross the bridge to find a cracked hole in the wall. Use your bombs or the bomb flowers from across the bridge to blow up the hole. Enter the Cave.

Defeat the six octoroks in this cave and you’ll notice two crystal switches and a treasure chest. However, there is something very fishy about that treasure chest! It’s shaking and if you try to open it a Like-Like will pop out, so don’t do it!

Pull out Linebeck’s letter and you’ll find several clues to finding the ring.

1. To enter the hiding spot, sound the light and follows its beam.
2. Inside, go four steps north and six steps west from where the lights cross.

Pretty simple right?

Stand directly next to each of the crystals and play the newly acquired Song of Light. The crystals will activate and create beams that intersect one another. Linebeck’s Note says we are supposed to go four steps north and six steps west from where the lights cross. Do just that and then whip out the Spirit Flute. Play the Song of Discovery to uncover the hidden treasure! Remember, the song is Orange, Yellow, Orange, Turquoise.

An old treasure chest will appear. Open it up to get the Regal Ring! Leave the cave and head all the way back to the Trading Post and talk to Linebeck III. Show him the Regal Ring and he is very excited to see it. The bridge repair man has also just finished his work and jumps into the conversation about the Regal Ring. The bridge repair man agrees to take the ring as repayment and then walks off. Linebeck tells you that from here on out, bring any treasure to him and he’ll even help you customize your train a bit.

You can go check out the brand new bridge if you’d like. The repair man is just standing there…so I guess he doesn’t want a ride back home. That’s all that you need to do right now, so you can head right back to the train and make your way over to the Ocean Realm. However, there are still plenty of optional quests to do before then! If you’d like to pursue these, continue reading this section. Otherwise, skip down to section 6.2.

Now is a good idea to finally trade in a bunch of the pieces of treasure that we have acquired. If you’ve been following the walkthrough, you should have well over 1000 rupees by now. However, we would like to be at 2000 rupees so we can purchase the Heart Container that was for sale at the Snow Sanctuary shop. Trade in whichever treasure you’d like, and then exit the hut.

Optional: Shield of Antiquity

If you have been following along with the optional content, we have collected ten stamps in Niko’s Stamp Book. Trace a path to Aboda Village and ride on over. Once you arrive, go and visit Niko and tell him of the good news! Niko is happy to hear of your accomplishments and he rewards you with the Shield of Antiquity! This is the same shield used by the Hero of Winds from Phantom Hourglass! The shield acts identically to the shield that Link had already been using except for one noticeable change. This shield cannot be gobbled up by Like-Like enemies that roam some of the caves. At any point if you’d like to switch back to your old shield, you can just talk to Niko and he’ll switch it for you. Afterwards, head back and board the train.

Optional: Snow Sanctuary Heart Container

Our next stop is over at the Snow Sanctuary in the Snow Realm. You need to have at least 2,000 rupees on hand to get the next item. If you don’t have enough rupees, you can trade in some treasure to Linebeck III. If you are still short, you can just progress with the game and then come back to this at a later point in time.

Ride on over towards the Snow Sanctuary. Use Warp Gate A, which is just north of Whittleton Village, in order to quickly reach the Snow Realm. Once you’ve arrived at the Snow Sanctuary, enter the shop that is near the entrance. Up for sale is a full Heart Container for a pricey 2,000 rupees. Pay the clerk to get the sixth Heart Container! Leave the shop and board the train once more.

Use Warp Gate A if you’d like and make your way all the way back to the Trading Post at the southeast corner of the Forest Realm.

6.2 Ocean Sanctuary

Ride your train eastward across the new bridge and enter the Ocean Realm. Skip the first stop at Papuchia Village and keep heading east to the Ocean Sanctuary (we’ll return to Papuchia in just a bit). Once you arrive, make your way towards the cave. There is a strange looking enemy known as a Lobarrier blocking your way. It wields a large stone like item that it hits Link with if he comes to close. Use your boomerang and trace a path to hit the lobarrier in the back to stun it. Run around and slash at it to defeat it. Enter the cave above.

There is another lobarrier waiting for you here. Defeat it using the same method as before and then walk around the cave until you reach an area with a gap. There are two bomb flowers here but across the gap you’ll see several breakable boulders and a switch. Lift a bomb flower and toss it over the gap so that it will hit the breakable boulders. Then pull out the boomerang and hit the switch to create a bridge to cross. Continue through the cave defeating another lobarrier and then head up the stairs.

You will now be back outside in a rather larger area. If you look around and look at your map, you’ll notice that there are six face statues located on a series of islands here. There is one locked red door and it hints that the way to find the correct path is to trace which direction all the face statues are looking. Run around the island defeating the octoroks on the left, as well as several more lobarriers. All the statues can be seen on the map with a small circle. Run towards them and trace which way all the statues are facing.

In order to reach the island on the left, use the boomerang to hit the crystal switch behind the octoroks. To reach the island on the right, grab a cucco and float to the island from the high up area at the top-right of the map. You can also use a cucco to get to the island just south of here where you will find a treasure chest containing a random piece of treasure.

Once you’ve drawn out the path of all the faces, you’ll see that with the crossing lines, it creates two equivalent diamond-like shapes right next to each other. A sideways 8 or a mathematical infinite sign might be a better way to describe it. Run over to the red door and draw out this shape to open the door. Enter the sanctuary.

Carben, the Lokomo that we are looking for, doesn’t seem to be here. However a note is left instead and it reads: “I’m at Papuchia Village visiting my sky friends”. Exit the sanctuary to get back outside. Walk to the southeast portion of the map and head down. Step on the switch here to create a bridge allowing for quick access. Run back over to the train and then take off towards Papuchia Village, which is just to the west.

6.3 Papuchia Village

Run around the village and talk to some of the villagers if you’d like. Princess Zelda will see Carben, seemingly floating around in the air with the birds. Don’t mind that for now and instead enter the largest of the four houses on the island. Speak with the Fortune Teller and, after all the mumble jumble, she tells you that there is a hidden stone near the lonely tree, underneath the sky dwellers.

Walk back south across a bridge and stand right next to the lone palm tree. Whip out the Spirit Flute and play the Song of Discovery. Right below the palm tree, another one of those statues that hums notes will appear. Tap on the statue and you’ll see the set of notes; Purple, Yellow, and Purple. Play this song and the bird creature that is holding Carben will set him down.

Speak with Carben and he seems upset with Link for playing the Song of Birds, which has the power to summon birds. After some small talk with Princess Zelda, Carben will ask you to take him back to the Ocean Sanctuary.

Before leaving, there is a treasure chest we can get if you’d like to. Walk to the northeast portion of map and the jump across the small islands to the west. Open the treasure chest here to get a random piece of treasure. Now run all the way back through the village and board the train.

6.4 Find the Ocean Temple

Set your target for the Ocean Sanctuary. Since you have a passenger on board you must adhere to all traffic signs along the way and try not to get hit by enemies. Fortunately, there aren’t any signs at all. As you are driving over the bridge, your train will be invaded by a group of Miniblin Pirates. A battle sequence inside the train will follow. A seemingly endless amount of miniblins will jump onto the train through the windows. Slash away at them with your sword one by one, trying to avoid letting them get too close to Carben.

After the miniblins are done away with, a giant monster known as a Big Blin will appear. The Big Blin is carrying a large club and will use it to attack Link. It moves incredibly slow, so just slash away with your sword. Once it is gearing to attack, back away to avoid its club strike. Repeat this process over and over for a seemingly endless number of times. Eventually miniblins will also start jumping from the windows to attack Carben. Defeat the miniblins and then finish off the big blin.

After that distraction is done away with, finish off the path to the Ocean Sanctuary. Upon arriving, Carben will give Link a Force Gem. This causes the Forest Rail Map to shine and a new path is opened at the southern portion of the map! Carben will then take off to the Sanctuary.

Follow Carben and run all the way to the Sanctuary. Remember, you can use the shortcut we made on the east part of the area. Speak with Carben once again and you’ll get to practice the next song! This one is a bit more complicated as it goes turquoise, orange, and then purple. It skips yellow so you will have to move very quickly to purple. After some practice, do the real thing and perform with Carben. It can be quite aggravating but make sure you don’t perform your notes until AFTER Carben plays the notes. The Ocean Map will start glowing and access to the Ocean Temple will open up! Carben will then give you a letter with directions to the temple. Leave the sanctuary and return to the train.

Optional: Six Ocean Rabbits

The new tracks that are in the Forest Realm are not overly important at the moment. The new area will allow easier access to grass rabbit #5 if you haven’t captured it already. It will also lead to the second Warp Gate, which leads to the Snow Realm. You can activate this now if you’d like, but there’s no real need to.

Now that a bunch of the Spirit Tracks in the Ocean Realm have been restored, there are six new ocean rabbits that we can capture.

Ocean Rabbit #1 – East of the Ocean Sanctuary on the south side of the tracks.

Ocean Rabbit #2 – East of Ocean Rabbit #1 on the north side of the tracks.

Ocean Rabbit #3 – North of Ocean Rabbit #2 on the north side of the tracks.

Ocean Rabbit #4 – At the northeast part of the Ocean Realm on the south side of the tracks.

Ocean Rabbit #5 – West of Ocean Rabbit #4 on the southeast side of the tracks.

Ocean Rabbit #6 – West of Ocean Rabbit #3 on the north side of the tracks.

~ Carben’s Three Orbs ~

Open Carben’s letter and you’ll see numbers listed on some of the places. The number one on Carben’s letter corresponds to the small island on the east end of the map. As you ride over you’ll see Ferrus once again taking photos. He gives you a hint that you need to pull your train whistle and it can activate orbs.

Ride on over to the island that Carben marked as a one. Look around and you’ll notice an orb as you draw closer. When the orb is in view, pull on the train whistle and the orb will turn blue. The timing is a bit weird, so keep pulling your train whistle while looking for the orb and you’ll get it.

The number two on Carben’s letter corresponds to an island northwest from our current location, so ride on over to this spot. Ride up all the way north and then take the west path. The orb is on the right side of the mountain. Pull on the train whistle either before you go into the tunnel or after you come out of it. This orb will also turn blue.

The third and final orb is found to the southwest of here. Ride on over and enter this area of the tracks that seem to just end by looking at the map. As you draw closer you’ll see the orb on the left. Look at it and pull the train whistle to cause it to turn blue. Since we’ve activated all three orbs in the proper order a fish appears at the end of the tracks…so ride right into its mouth!

~ Underwater World ~

Upon arriving in the underwater area, our next stop is the Ocean Temple. Trace a path directly to the Temple in the distance. There are a few Ocean Octoroks floating around; shoot water missiles out of your cannon to defeat them. You’ll also see some black Octomine floating around. Hit these with your water cannon and you’ll be rewarded with some rupees.

As you draw close to the temple itself an evil armored train will appear. These armored trains are much smarter than the dark trains we’ve faced off with before. They move faster and will switch their route in order to attack Link’s train.

The best way to avoid the first armored train is to travel to the northwest portion of this area. As you get closer to this corner a second enemy train will appear and come out from the right side of the temple! Just continue along the course you are on as you make your way to the top-right portion of the map. The armored train on the right will come to a fork in the road and whichever path it takes, have Link take the alternate route. Now that you are past the second armored train, and the first train is trailing behind, make your way to the Ocean Temple!

6.5 The Ocean Temple

~ 1st Floor ~

Once you get off the train, head up to enter the main portion of the temple. Walk up and take a left to find some Yellow ChuChus. These chus have an electric shock to them, so be careful. First stun them with your boomerang and then slash away with your sword.

There are four stone tablets here which say that whatever it is referring to is ‘above’. The order goes Left, Right, Top, and then Bottom. Keep note of this as we’ll use it in just a bit.

Walk over to the north and you’ll see some arrow shooters along the north wall. Stick to the bottom of this area and run across to the right. You can awaken the statue here to find out about treasure on this floor, but we will be getting this later. Walk up the stairs to get to the 2nd floor.

~ 2nd Floor ~

Walk down and stand on the platform here, which will move Link across the gap. Make sure you keep your shield facing northward to block the arrows that are shot at you. Walk south and stand on another moving platform. Remember the order: Left, Right, Top, and then Bottom. There are four switches here, so use your boomerang and hit them in that precise order and the door on the right side will open. Let the platform take you there and go through.

Walk to the right and you’ll see around the corner there is a switch. The boulders that are rolling down the path and will fall into a hole. If you hit the switch, the hole will move a few spaces to the south. We want to stand at the bottom hallway and use the boomerang to hit the switch and change where the trap doors are. While its effect might not be clear now, this changes where the boulders fall on the floor below. Use the moving platforms to get back all the way to the first floor of the dungeon.

~ 1st Floor Revisited ~

Run all the way back to just north of the entrance and now the path on the right is passable. On the far right side there is a strange, colorful vine that prevents you from getting by. Ignore this for now and head up the stairs to the north.

~ 2nd Floor – East End ~

Defeat the two yellow chuchus on this floor. You’ll notice that there is a statue on the right side. You can awaken it to find that there is a treasure chest at the bottom corner of this room that we currently cannot reach. No worries though, as we’ll soon be able to reach this area.

Walk to the right side of the room. Walk up the stairs to get up to the 3rd floor of the temple.

~ 3rd Floor ~

Walk to the room to the left and you’ll find an enemy known as a Snapper. This enemy will swing its whip and grab Link. When it pulls Link closer to its body quickly slash away with your sword, preventing him from getting off a punch. Link will also now be free of the whip. Link can use the boomerang to hit the snapper and then slash away with his sword. The snapper will also sling Link back and forth with his whip. Just keep slashing away until the whip man has been defeated. Open the treasure chest that is left to get the dungeon item, the Whip!

~ Secret Treasures ~

Now that we have the Whip, we can get some secret treasure chests from previous floors as well as finding the temple stamp station. These are completely optional, so you can skip ahead if you’d like.

Optional: Piece of Treasure

Run back to the east end of the room and head down the stairs. At the south end of the room, use your newly acquired whip on the wooden poles. Swing across from pole to pole, tapping on them with your stylus and Link will make it across, Indiana Jones style. Open the treasure chest here to get a piece of treasure!

Optional: Another Piece of Treasure

Run over to the staircase and return to the first floor. On the east end of the room, use the whip on the colorful vines that are blocking your way. Pull off the two spikes and you’ll be able to cross. Open the treasure chest to get another piece of treasure.

Optional: One More Piece of Treasure

Run to the south end of the room and swing across several wooden poles to make your way to the southwest corner of the room. Use the whip on the fish statue here to pull on the handle. This will cause a treasure chest to appear at the top part of the room. Run on over and open the treasure chest to get another piece of treasure!

Optional: Ocean Temple Stamp Station

At the north end of the 2nd floor there is a wall to the left of the stairs that can be blown open. Pull out a bomb if you have one and let it explode to find a secret portion of the second floor. Once you enter, you’ll notice that there is another entrance on the right side of the room. Walk back south and then place a bomb against the wall on the right side to reveal a secret opening. Then walk north to the secret area of this floor. Use the whip on the spikes to clear a passage for Link. Run up north and then use your boomerang to hit the crystal switch on the right. This will cause a wooden pole to appear on the left side of the room.

Exit to the south and then run around to get to the west side of the secret floor on the 2nd floor. Use the whip to hook across three wooden poles to get to the north end of the room. Use the whip on the fish statue to pull on the handle. This will cause a door just to the right to open up.

Walk to the south and keep an eye out for the moving platform. When it is all way to the left. Hook over to the wooden pole and then just let it drop you on to the moving platform. Let it carry you over to the right side and then run on over to the Stamp Station. Stamp your notebook to get the 11th stamp!

That’s all the secrets that we can get thus far. Backtrack all the way through the temple to get back to the 3rd floor of the temple where we fought the snapper.

~ 3rd Floor ~

From the central room Link can now go in four directions. Go west for now by using your whip on the wooden pole that hangs above the gap. This will allow Link to swing across the gap and will land on the other side. Walk up the stairs to get up to the 4th floor of the dungeon.

~ 4th Floor ~

There is a stone tablet that hints there are three handles, but Link should only pull the furthest of the few. Run south and use the whip on the wooden pole to swing across. Defeat the few yellow chuchus here by either using the boomerang to stun them first or by whipping them twice with your newest weapon. Grab onto the handle in the corner of the room and it will open the door to the middle of the room.

There are three platforms extended over the large gap here. Remember what the stone tablet said: pull the handle that is the furthest, which means the one on the right. This will create a staircase that leads to the bottom of the room. Run over and head down the staircase.

~ 3rd Floor Revisited ~

Run all the way to the left side of the room and you’ll see two fish statues against the north wall. Use your whip to pull out a sword from the fish statue on the left. Keeping the whip equipped and thus the sword attached, tap the second fish statue to stick the sword in. This will make a treasure chest and a wooden pole appear, allowing Link to access the middle of the room from here. Open the treasure chest to get a small key and then use the whip to get to the center of the room.

Optional: Piece of Treasure

Use the whip on the pole to swing to the north side of the room. From here, head to the right and attach the whip to the pole. Wait until the platform is underneath Link and then drop down on top of it. Open the treasure chest to get a random piece of treasure.

Head to the north side of the room and then head west. Defeat the two yellow chuchus, unlock the door, and then head back up to the 4th floor.

~ 4th Floor – North End ~

Pull the lever on the left with your whip if you’d like, which will cause the door below to open up. We don’t need to go that way though since we’ve already been there; instead we want to head eastward. There are three consecutive wooden poles here that Link can whip towards. While you are swinging and are all the way to the right, quickly tap the next wooden pole to attach your whip to it. Repeat this process to get all the way to the right side of the room.

Walk south and you’ll find two Helmet Chuchus. Use the whip to pull off the chuchus’ helmet to reveal a plain old red chuchu. Defeat them both and the doors will open up. Head up the stairs to get to the 5th floor of the dungeon.

~ 5th Floor ~

You’ll see another one of those vines here. Ignore it for now and head to the center of the room. Defeat the two snappers that are in this room. They aren’t too difficult to defeat; just use your whip to stun them and slash away with your sword. Walk to the west side of the room and defeat the helmet chuchu.

Walk all the way to the left and use the whip on the handle and a floating propeller is pulled out. Use the whip and hold onto the propeller as it floats off and it will take you all the way to the southwest corner of the room. Walk up the stairs to get to the 6th floor.

~ 6th Floor ~

There are two Blue Chuchus in this room. These fellows have an electric shock and are not vulnerable to the whip or the boomerang. Instead, use the whip on the statue above to pull out a sword. Keep the sword on the whip and use it to attack the blue chuchus. Defeat both and a wooden pole will appear at the far right of the room. There isn’t anything else we can do here, so leave the room and get back to the 5th floor.

~ 5th Floor Part 2 ~

Pull on the lever here and let the propeller float Link back up to the platform above. Use your whip and pull out the swords that are sticking out of the fish statues, and then toss them side so they break. After you pull all three swords out, the wooden poles at the top of the room will drop, allowing Link to cross.

Walk to the northeast corner of the room and use your whip on the colorful vine creature to pull off some of its tentacles. Walk through the open path and then use the whip to get across the huge gap. Climb the stairs at the top-left corner of the room to get back to the 6th floor.

~ 6th Floor Part 2 ~

There are five wooden poles along the top of this room to swing across. The fifth wooden pole however, is much lower than the others and you must allow yourself to fall a bit before grabbing onto the last pole. Just keep tapping on the last pole as you are falling. This can be extremely frustrating, but keep trying at it and you’ll eventually get it. After landing on the right side platform hit the crystal switch and it will lower the 2nd closest of the wooden poles, making it easier to use these in the future.

Walk south and defeat the helmet chuchu. Read the stone tablet and it tells you to remember the placement of the blades. Walk around the floor and be sure to note in which fish statues swords are located in. You can mark these on your map.

Walk to the east end of the room and use the whip on the wooden pole to swing yourself across the gap. Open the treasure chest to get a small key.

Optional: Piece of Treasure

Swing back down and walk to the west side of the room. Remove the spikes from the vine using the whip and then pull the handle out. This will cause a treasure chest to appear in the room. Run on over and open it to get a random treasure.

With the small key in hand, along with knowing which fish statues have swords in them, return to the staircase at the top-left corner of the map. Walk back down the stairs to get to the 5th floor.

~ 5th Floor Part 3 ~

Swing back across and then arrange all the swords so they are in the same arrangement as the room above. If you didn’t jot it down on your map, these are the locations.

Top-left – There is a sword in the middle and the far right.
Top-right – There is a sword in the middle and the far right
Bottom-left – No Swords
Bottom-right – There is a sword on the left and the right.

After all four sections have been copied to look like the floor above, a door at the bottom-right portion of the room will open up. Walk to the south end of the room and use the small key on the locked door.

Swing across using the wooden pole and then climb up the larger stairs here. Climb up to get back to the 6th floor.

~ 6th Floor Part 3 – Boss Key ~

Pull the handle that is located here, which will cause another propeller with a handle to popup and start floating off. Grab onto this handle using the whip and hang on as it flies you over to the left. Once you are above the moving platform let go to land on it. Then walk over to the left and step on the switch to create a bridge.

Lift up the Boss Key and walk northward to be greeted by three floor masters! These ones can be quite aggressive and you’ll likely have to fight them all off. The floor masters do re-spawn after a few moments, so you will need to defeat any of them that appear in your way. Quickly kill them and then unlock the big lock at the top of the stairs. Walk up the stairs to the 7th floor.

~ 7th Floor ~

Use the whip to cross the gap and get to the north portion of the room. Clear the vines in the room and then tap the stone tablet on the left to create a wrap portal to the temple entrance. Slash at the pots in the room to recover some of your life and then once you are ready, head up the stairs to face off with the temple boss!

The door will close behind you and a short cinema of the place will be in full display. Once you gain control of Link start scaling this tower-looking area by using your whip to make it across the gaps. There is a vine hanging from one of the wooden poles and it has a large eye in the center of its body. Use the whip to pull out one of its spikes and then launch that spike into the vine’s eye to defeat it.

Continue scaling the tower by using the whip on wooden poles to get across gaps. Pull on the handle at the end of the path to create another propeller. Grab a hold of the propeller and make your dramatic entrance to the battlefield to take on Phytops, Barbed Menace.

The first part of the battle will have Phytops stick out two of its tentacles, which will put a constraint on where Link can go. The body of Phytops, including its eye, is covered by the purple smudge that is in the way. Use your whip on one of the tentacles to pull out a spike. Hold onto the spike and then launch it at the face of Phytops. If the spike hits Phytops it will clear a small area of the purple smudge that covers its eye. Repeat this same process a second time to remove more purple smudge. After two direct hits, the eye of Phytops will be uncovered. Grab another spike from its tentacle and launch it at the eye of Phytops. The boss will fall to the ground stunned for a short period of time, leaving its eye vulnerable to further attacks. Run on over and slash away at its eye with your sword until Phytops gets back up.

Phytops has one main attack in this early phase and that is when it will shoot gunk out at Link. However, once Phytops is revived he will go on a tear with a series of vine whips that are hard to avoid. They aren’t too damaging though as each hit will only take 1/2 heart of damage.

The first phase of the battle will repeat, so follow the same process of vine-eye attacking to deal some more damage. After several consecutive hits like this, Phytops will start combining its two phases in one by having all four tentacles in the arena at once. The boss will shoot gunk but will also use its vine whip with its two back tentacles. It’s hard to avoid the vine whips and the gunk at once, so you may take a few hits at this part of the battle. Just repeat the same process and remove its gunk and then nail it in the eye.

The only other thing that Phytops does is that it will rotate around a bit, making it harder for Link to reach the tentacles on the sides. This is just a minor nuisance and the rest of the battle will be just like the previous form. Nail Phytops in the eye a few more times to defeat this barbed menace.

After Phytops has been defeated a blue force gem appears and another statue will form similar to before. More of the Spirits Tracks are restored as well, and another section of the Tower of Spirits is put back in its place.

Grab the Heart Container and walk into the blue portal that appears to warp back to the temple entrance. Jump on board on the train and leave the ocean temple behind. This concludes chapter 6 of the Spirit Tracks Walkthrough.