Trading Post (Spirit Tracks)

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Trading Post





The Trading Post is a station in Spirit Tracks. It is found in the southeast corner of the Forest Realm, near the bridge leading to the Ocean Realm. Linebeck III is its only inhabitant, where he runs Linebeck Trading Company.


Link and Princess Zelda visit the Trading Post when trying to get to the Ocean Realm. The bridge is broken, so they stop here to speak with Linebeck III. He suggests that they fetch the Bridge Worker from his house in the Snow Realm to fix it.

They return with the Bridge Worker and he fixes the bridge. However, Linebeck is in debt to him, and he still needs to pay for this repair. Linebeck explains that a Regal Ring would be able to pay for it easily, and that his grandfather left him a letter with clues on where to find one. He sends Link off to look for it.

Link manages to locate it after learning the Song of Light inside a cave to the north of Linebeck's house. Linebeck is overjoyed when Link returns with the item, but instead of allowing him to keep it, the Bridge Worker takes it as payment, despite that it is worth almost double what Linebeck owes. The bridge is fixed, and Link can now enter the Ocean Realm.

Later, Link can bring Dark Ore from the Dark Ore Mine to Linebeck for a Force Gem.

Points of Interest

Linebeck Trading Company

Main article: Linebeck Trading Company

The main attraction of the Trading Post is the Linebeck Trading Company, where Link can purchase new parts for his train. Linebeck will automatically equip these parts when Link buys them with his different Treasures. Linebeck also offers to buy treasures, with the amount of Rupees depending on the rarity of the item. If Link loses his shield, Linebeck will sell him a new one for 100 Rupees, but one can be found for much cheaper in other shops around New Hyrule.

Like Like Cave

Just west of Linebeck's house is a cave filled with Like Likes. Link can find the Stamp Station in here to stamp his Stamp Book.

Linebeck's Grave

The grave of Captain Linebeck, Linebeck III's grandfather, is in the northwest of the area. Right next to it is a song stone that teaches Link the Song of Light.

Regal Ring Cave

The cave where the Regal Ring is found is in the north of the area. Link must hit the switch with the Boomerang that the Song of Light reveals to create a bridge leading there. The cave is inhabited by Octoroks. There is also a false Treasure Chest in the north of the cave that is actually a Like Like. To find the Regal Ring, Link must utilize the Song of Light and use the clues in Linebeck's Letter.