Ends of the Earth Station

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The Ends of the Earth Station is located in the northeastern section of the Fire Realm in Spirit Tracks. This station is only accessible after Link obtains the Force Gem from Rael after delivering him a load of 5 Cuccos. The area houses 3 caves, each with 3 puzzles, where Link can collect treasure. Inside, Link must solve various puzzles using the Sand Wand to reach the treasure chamber at the end of the cave. The three puzzle courses, in order of difficulty are: the Brainteaser Block Puzzle, said to be "for master puzzlers"; the Braintwister Block Puzzle, said to be "for tempered puzzlers"; and the Brainmasher Block Puzzle, said to be "for golden puzzlers." These captions are a reference to the Master Sword and its two upgrades, the Tempered Sword and Golden Sword, from A Link to the Past.



This series of puzzles are the easiest ones that Link encounters. After completing all three, he can proceed to a treasure chest that contains a random piece of treasure. 100 Rupees can also be found in a treasure chest across the bridge after exiting the treasure chest room.


At the end of this series of puzzles, Link can proceed to a treasure chest which contains a Heart Container. Another 100 Rupees can also be found in the chest across the bridge outside the room with the Heart Container.


These three puzzles are the most complex out of all of the puzzles that Link solves at this station. Once all three have been solved, he gains access to a treasure chest containing a Regal Ring and 100 Rupees.