Dark Ore Mine

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Dark Ore Mine

The Dark Ore Mine is a location in Spirit Tracks. It is located within the Fire Realm. It is an area from which Gorons excavate the valuable Dark Ore, which is susceptible to sunlight and melts quickly.[1][2] Link can purchase Dark Ore from the Dark Ore Salesman and can transport the material as part of a side quest.

The area is unlocked by transporting Ferrus to Aboda Village. After this is complete, Link will receive a letter from Ferrus asking for his service once more. Link must pick up Ferrus at the Fire Realm and drive him to the Ocean Temple in order to receive a Force Gem.

Side Quests

Linebeck III asks Link to transport five pieces of Dark Ore back to his station. Link must brave a tunnel containing a Rocktite to accomplish this, however. Upon successful completion of the task, Link is awarded a Force Gem, which unlocks the Lost at Sea Station located within the Ocean Realm.


  1. "Dark Ore melts and then eventually disappears when exposed to light. So use it quickly!" — Dark Ore Salesman, Spirit Tracks.
  2. "Dark Ore melts when exposed to sunlight, so transport it carefully." — Dark Ore Salesman, Spirit Tracks.