Anouki Village

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Anouki Village

The Anouki Village is a station that Link can visit in Spirit Tracks. It is the home of the Anouki; a penguin-like race that usually live in the cold. It is here that Link can interact with the six Anouki that live in New Hyrule.

Reaching the Snow Sanctuary

The Anouki Village is the first station Link finds in Snow Realm after obtaining the Snow Mail Rap from the Tower of Spirits. Link is here in order to find some information on how to find the Snow Sanctuary. The Head Honcho of the village, whose name is also Honcho, agrees to give Link information on how to reach it if Link helps him create patrolling partners because of the increase of monsters in the area. Link must them travel to each of the six Anouki in the village and ask them with whom they would like to be paired. After creating the correct pairs, the Honcho tells Link the route he must take in order to reach the Snow Sanctuary, as well as a hint that the route is inhabitated by a large monster.

Points of Interest

Honcho's House

Main article: Honcho's House

The Honcho's House is a location that can be found at the most north point of the village. As the bame suggests, it is the home of the Head Honcho of the village. It is here where Link first asks the Honcho about the Snow Sanctuary. Later on in the game, Link will find a Goron in the Goron Village who will ask Link if the rumor regarding the existence of white, fluffy, and cold stuff is true. Responding yes making the Goron have an urge to visit this place. Bringing him there will reward Link with a Force Gem. The Goron will live in the Honcho's House, as the Honcho will ask to be brought to Goron Village.

Anouki House

There are five Houses located in the village that are the homes of the five other Anouki. These houses are where Link goes to find information regarding who the specific Anoukis' favored partners are.

Stamp Station

Main article: Stamp Station

There is a Stamp Station located in the far northeast of the village. Here, Link can stamp Niko's Stamp Book.