Linebeck Trading Company

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Linebeck Trading Company
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The Linebeck Trading Company, also known simply as Linebeck Trading, is a small company currently run by Linebeck III.[1] It is located in the Trading Post, a small station in the far right corner of the Forest Realm. The company was originally founded by the original Linebeck from Phantom Hourglass. After obtaining the Regal Ring, Link may trade treasure to Linebeck III either for Train Parts, Treasure, or simply Rupees.[2] [3]



  1. "Listen well, and remember the name, squirt! I'm Linebeck III, president of Linebeck Trading. I hunt down the rarest antiques from around the world... Then I sell them to the highest bidder! How's that for an introduction? Did I just blow you away? [.]Oh, yeah.[.]Not really." — Linebeck III, Spirit Tracks.
  2. "I guess that's that. Still, you've got a real talent for sniffing out treasure. Ooh! Tell you what--from here on out, bring any treasure you find to me! If they impress me, I'll trade you some lovely new train cars for those trinkets! Sound like a sweet deal? That's 'cause it IS!" — Linebeck III, Spirit Tracks.
  3. "Hey! There's my little moneymake--erm, intrepid treasure hunter! What can Linebeck Trading Company help you with? [.]Train car![.]Treasure![.]Nothing." — Linebeck III, Spirit Tracks.