Wellspring Station

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Wellspring Station
Icy Spring

Wellspring Station (Icy Spring in the European/Australian version) is a very icy and snowy location found in the Snow Realm in Spirit Tracks. The station's only inhabitants is Ferrus, who actually rarely spends his time at home. There is also a Stamp Station located towards the north of the spring. Link comes across this isolated station in search of a passage to the Snow Temple. Inside Ferrus' home, he finds a map that guides him in the right direction. He can also find several pieces of information that gives the hero hints on how to handle his train properly.

Force Gems

After Link has completed the Ocean Temple, Noko, one of the Anouki, requests that the hero must bring him to this station if he wishes to create Mega Ice. If Link successfully transports Nokothe Anouki to the spring, he'll be rewarded with a Force Gem. This force gem reveals tracks between the Forest and Snow Realms. Twenty units of Mega Ice can be purchased, the price depends on how much Link haggles with Noko.