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Noko is one of the Anouki that lives in Anouki Village in Spirit Tracks. He has small horns, and wears blue. When the chief of the Anouki tasks Link with pairing the villagers up, Noko complains about Anoukis that wear yellow clothes.[1][2] He is therefore paired with Kofu, who is also donned in blue.

Noko is in charge of Mega Ice distribution, but because the spring at Anouki Village has been contaminated by an Ice ChuChu, he asks Link to drive him over to Wellspring Station with the Spirit Train.[3][4] Upon completing this task, Noko rewards Link with a Force Gem. Returning to Wellspring Station and purchasing Mega Ice is essential to extinguishing the burning gravel hampering progress through Goron Village.


  1. "But enough small talk. How ya doin'? Call me Noko. Listen, us Anoukis only pair up with folks we find agreeable. Me? My biggest gripe is guys wearin' yellow. I mean...blech! As far as I'm concerned, outside of bananas, nothing looks good in yellow! Oh man, I do love a good banana, though! Anyway, good talking to ya, pal!" — Noko, Spirit Tracks.
  2. "So it seems Noko doesn't like Anoukis who wear yellow. Put another way, he loves bananas... Oh, wait, that's all wrong. What I meant to say is that he'd pair well with someone wearing blue, or Honcho." — Anouki, Spirit Tracks.
  3. "Ice, huh? Hmm... Well, in a chilly place like this, ya figure there'd be at least a little lyin' around. Lucky for you, though, we got a fine local product called Mega Ice. Take a look. The guy livin' right here makes the stuff! He can help ya out. Just don't expect to get it for free. It'll probably cost ya.[.]" — Noko, Spirit Tracks.
  4. "OK, here it is again. I wanna go to a nice, clear natural spring! It's gotta be somewhere chilly though, 'cause I'm gonna make Mega Ice there. I'll be waitin' for ya on the train, so when you're ready, let's go!" — Noko, Spirit Tracks.