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Cucco Pen



Kakariko Village (Ocarina of Time, Breath of the Wild)
Hyrule Town (The Minish Cap)


Flown the Coop (Breath of the Wild)


Outdoor fenced area for cucco keeping


Cucco Pens are recurring objects in The Legend of Zelda series. They are fenced-in outdoor areas where cuccos are kept, and often escape from.

Ocarina of Time

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The Cucco Pen[1] is part of a side task in order to receive an Empty Bottle.

The Cucco Pen is located in Kakariko Village, at the eastern end of Impa's House. There are a total of seven Cuccos that must be returned to the pen. Link must run around Kakariko Village in search of each Cucco. Some Cuccos are in plain sight, while others require some additional thinking in order to find. To complete the task, simply pick up each Cucco and throw them in the pen one by one. Once they have all been returned to the pen, the Cucco Lady gives Link an Empty Bottle.

The Minish Cap

Anju owns a cucco pen, attached to Anju's Henhouse, which the cuccos regularly escape from. If Link retrieves them for her and throws them back into the pen within a time limit, she will reward him - mostly with rupees, but also a Piece of Heart.

A Link Between Worlds

The Cucco Ranch has a cucco pen, where the cuccos are normally kept. During the Dodge the Cuccos minigame, Link must remain in the pen and avoid the cuccos as they fly past.

Breath of the Wild

Cado owns a cucco pen in Kakariko Village, containing both a small coop and an open, cucco-sized door to his house. After most of his cuccos escape, Link must retrieve them to complete the Flown the Coop sidequest.


  1. "What should I do!? My Cuccos have all flown away! You, little boy, please! Please help me bring them back to this pen!" — Cucco Lady, Ocarina of Time.