Sand Sanctuary

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Sand Sanctuary




The Sand Sanctuary is a location featured in the Ocean Realm in Spirit Tracks. More specifically, it can be found in the northern Sand Realm area. Link and Zelda travel here after Anjean gives them a Force Gem that opens the tracks to the Sanctuary.

Station Puzzle

Upon entrance to the Sanctuary, Link will find it empty, apart from a couple of Bomb Flowers, two Gossip Stones and a Stone Slab that hints at the secret to the puzzle: the paths in the Sanctuary are replicas of the Spirit Tracks found outside. Link can use this information to follow the gazes of the four giant statues outside and place a Bomb in the area they meet in the Sanctuary. If done correctly, a set of stairs will appear that Link can traverse and meet up with Rael, the Lokomo of the Sand Realm.

Stamp Station

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The Stamp Station here is located at the far southeast, on a small island. At first, Link cannot reach it, and thus he must move on. However, after completion of the Sand Temple, Rael will ask Link to bring him Cuccos. Doing so will reward Link with a Force Gem. From here on out, there will be a group of Cucco walking around in the area. Now, Link can grab a Cucco and fly across the gap and onto the island, thus having access to the Stamp Station.