Dark Realm

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This article is about the location in Spirit Tracks. For realm in A Link to the Past, see Dark World.

The Dark Realm is the final location in Spirit Tracks. Link originally travels here in search of Chancellor Cole and Malladus.

Gaining Entrance

The Dark Realm is located in the southwest of the Forest Realm, just northwest of Aboda Village. The tracks leading to the Dark Realm will only appear after Link has acquired the Compass of Light. It can be found in the final portion of the Tower of Spirits.


Upon entering the Dark Realm, Link will see six armored trains. They must be defeated, and can be done so by first collecting a Tear of Light, and then while being engulfed in their power run into each train. Blowing the train whistle in this invincible state will prompt it to move faster. The power of the tears expire, however, and thus it can be quite difficult to defeat them. Next, Link will find himself in a fight with the Demon Train, and later Malladus.