Spirit Train

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Spirit Train




Traverse New Hyrule

The Spirit Train is Link's mode of transportation across New Hyrule in Spirit Tracks. It is received from Anjean at the Tower of Spirits after Link loses his train and is forced to go through the Tunnel to the Tower. Once there, Anjean gives Link the Spirit Train so he can get around the overworld. After a certain point in the game, Link can replace the parts of the train by other parts. Linebeck III trades the parts for treasure. Link can then swap the parts at Alfonzo's workshop in Aboda Village.



  • In terms of locomotive type, the Spirit Train is a 0-4-0 type locomotive, having no leading wheels, four driving wheels, and no trailing wheels. This type of locomotive in real life was used as a switching locomotive, moving rolling stock through train yards to assemble trains. It would not be used as a passenger locomotive in real life, due to its lack of leading wheels to give stability at higher speeds.
  • Strangely, the Spirit Train does not have a tender carrying a form of fuel, which seems to indicate that it gets its energy from the tracks themselves, like an electric train set.


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  2. "The triangle is upside down because it's not associated with the story of the Triforce.", Hyrule Historia, pg. 220