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Gonzo (Ancestor)[1]

Alfonzo is a character seen exclusively in Spirit Tracks. He is the greatest train engineer in Hyrule,[2] although he doesn't like to admit this because of his humble nature.[3] He formerly was a part of the castle guard for the Royal Family of Hyrule.[4] During his time in the castle guard, he was the greatest swordsmen in the whole kingdom.[5] He lives in Aboda Village, and his main purpose throughout the game is putting new parts onto Link's train. Alfonzo is Link's mentor and at the beginning of the game, he reminds Link of the upcoming ceremony where Link will become a fully certified engineer. Alfonzo gives Link one final test, to travel to Hyrule Castle in less than 300 seconds while not getting hit by passing trains.[6] While riding to Hyrule Castle, Alfonzo will give you a number of tips on how to operate the train.[7][8] At the ceremony, Alfonzo stays at the train station while Link earns his certificate.

When Link comes back with Princess Zelda he questions why she was with him, and Zelda explains she wanted Link to take her to the Tower of Spirits to figure out why the Spirit Tracks have been disappearing. Suddenly, the Spirit Tracks disappear and the Tower of Spirits falls apart. Chancellor Cole and Byrne then appear, and Alfonzo valiantly tries to defend Zelda, but is overpowered by Byrne. Link and Alfonzo later wake up in the Hyrule Castle infirmary where Alfonzo tells Link to save Zelda, as he is in Bad condition. Later when Link encounters enemies that attack Link's train he asks Alfonzo for a solution, and is given a Cannon.




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