New Hyrule

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New Hyrule is a kingdom in The Legend of Zelda series founded by Tetra and Link. It is currently only featured in Spirit Tracks. It was founded approximately a century prior to the game. The kingdom is divided into six realms. The realms found in New Hyrule are: the Forest Realm, Snow Realm, Ocean Realm, Fire Realm, Sand Realm, and the Dark Realm. The Kingdom is held together by the Spirit Tracks, which also serve as a transportation system for the land.


At the end of The Wind Waker, Link, Tetra and the pirates were given the task to search a land where they could establish a new Hyrule. After the events of Phantom Hourglass, the group finally found this place and decided to live in peace with the natives (Lokomo). After establishing New Hyrule, races other than the Hylians and the Lokomo began the inhabit the land, such as the Anouki and the Gorons. The founders of New Hyrule are obviously revered, because in Spirit Tracks, there is a stained glass window of Tetra in New Hyrule Castle.


  • New Hyrule is so far the most advanced kingdom in The Legend of Zelda series since they have steam power and primitive air transportation (hot air balloons).