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This is a list of enemies found in Link's Awakening



Main article: Armos

These statue-like enemies are common throughout the Legend of Zelda series. Armos look like normal statues, but if Link touches one it will begin to randomly move around the area. Armos are only found in the area just outside of Southern Face Shrine. One of the easiest methods to defeat an armos is to simply shoot it with an arrow. Armos have one of the strongest attacks in the game, dealing two hearts of damage if they contact Link.


Main article: Beetle (Enemy)

The Beetle is one of the weakest enemies in the entire game; any weapon will defeat them in one hit. They live underground and will only come to the surface if Link ventures near the hole they are living in. The only area these enemies appear is the screen directly south of Kanalet Castle. If Link stays around their hole, Beetles will continuously come out one after another.


Main article: Bomber

The Bomber is a dangerous flying enemy that is located around the central part of Koholint Island. They fly around the screen, dropping bombs at random. Unless Link possesses the Boomerang or Magic Rod, it is best to stay away from them as much as possible. In small areas, Bombers can be nearly impossible to avoid. The best item to use against a bomber is the Magic Powder which will turn the enemy into a fairy.

Buzz Blob

Main article: Buzz Blob

Buzz Blobs are strange green enemies made of goo. Electricity flows through their bodies, and Link will get shocked if making contact or attacking with the sword. Buzz Blobs will wander around randomly, and are not aggressive to Link. Using the boomerang, bow, or the magic rod are all effective methods of defeating a Buzz Blob. By sprinkling magic powder on a Buzz Blob it will turn into a Cukeman.


Main article: Crow

These aggressive birds are mainly found around the Tabahl Wasteland, near the center of Koholint Island. They will stay perched in their tree until an enemy approaches, and then dart at them and fly away. They are easy to avoid when in an open area, but may be a bit more challenging if located in a tight or narrow area.


LA Cucco Sprite.png
Main article: Cucco


Main article: Cukeman

Cukemen are the mysterious transfigured form of a Buzz Blob. Sprinkling magic powder on a buzz blob will turn it into a cukeman. The cukeman will still hurt Link if he bumps into it.


Main article: Darknut

Darknuts are armored enemies that live around Kanalet Castle. Unlike in the other Zelda games, these Darknuts are vulnerable all over their body. Darknuts also have the ability to shoot arrows, and will seemingly shoot them at random regardless of where Link is. The arrows are not of much threat, however. They can be blocked with his shield just as Link would block a rock from an octorok.


Main article: Ghini

Ghini are ghost enemies that fly around graveyards. After entering a screen there will be one ghini floating around the screen. This ghini is the leader, and if it dies, all of the ghinis on that screen die with it.

Giant Ghini

Main article: Giant Ghini

There is only one Giant Ghini in Link's Awakening, which is located in the upper right part of the Graveyard. By touching the lower right gravestone, this huge ghost will come out and attack Link. The Giant Ghini will take the same number of hits to defeat as a normal Ghini.

Giant Goponga Flower

Main article: Giant Goponga Flower

Just like the other Goponga Flowers, this one does nothing but lay stationary in the swamp. The bigger version of the goponga flower will shoot fireballs at Link, similar to the attack of a River Zora. Because this flower is bigger than the smaller ones, it may be harder to avoid as well. Like smaller Goponga Flowers, Bow-Wow will eat larger ones as well. They can also be taken out with the Koholint Sword, boomerang, hookshot, or magic rod.

Goponga Flower

Main article: Goponga Flower

The Goponga Flower is one of the plants living in Goponga Swamp, around the mid-west part of Koholint Island. These flowers do nothing other than block Link's path. Even though they have no real attacks, these plants are dangerous and will hurt Link upon contact. If Link has Bow-Wow, however, the pet will eat the plants just like he attacks any other enemy. Using Bow-Wow is the only way to make it past them early in the game. After obtaining the Koholint Sword a spin attack will defeat the Goponga Flower. The magic rod, boomerang, and hookshot are useful weapons against these obstacles as well.


Main article: Leever

Leevers are enemies that live underneath the ground in sandy areas. They will emerge from the ground and chase after Link. Leevers move a bit faster than other enemies, and can even come up underneath where Link is standing. To avoid attacks, they will dig back into the sand and resurface somewhere else unexpectedly. When they are above ground, Link can slash them with the sword.

Like Like

Main article: Like Like

Like-Likes are unique suction enemies that will hold Link in place if it touches him. Like-Likes will not do any damage, but they will make Link vulnerable to other nearby enemies. Unlike the Like-Likes from previous Zelda games, these ones will not steal items from Link.

Mad Bomber

Main article: Mad Bomber

The Mad Bomber is an enemy that hides in holes, often coming up to throw bombs at Link. There is only one Mad Bomber in the game, located just outside of Kanalet Castle. This enemy will emerge from a different hole every time, throwing a bomb at random. Defeating this enemy is required in order to obtain one of the golden leaves. The Bomber can simply be attacked with the sword when comes out of a hole.


Moblin (Pig)
Moblin (Sword)
Main article: Moblin

Moblins are a common pig-like enemy appearing in many games. Moblins will wander around the screen shooting arrows much like the octorok shoots rocks. The most effective weapon to use against moblins is the sword.

The pig-like form of the moblin have the same attacks as a regular moblin. Moblin pigs are more common than the regular moblins on Koholint Island.

Sworded Moblins are the more aggressive form of their normal counterpart. This form of the moblin comes equipped with a sword and shield. When the sworded moblin notices Link, it will charge towards him with its sword. Attacking them from the front is difficult because their shield will deflect a sword. A spin attack to the moblin's side or back will take it down with one hit.


Main article: Monkey

There is only one monkey on Koholint Island, and it is sitting at the top of a tree near the south-western beach. This monkey will throw coconuts and bombs at Link if he tries to pass by or go near the tree. Simply running past will be good enough to dodge his attacks. Unlike other enemies in the game, there is no way to kill the monkey; however, Link can knock it out of its tree by dashing into it with the pegasus boots equipped.


Main article: Mutt


Main article: Octorok

The Octorok is very common enemy in the Zelda series, and one of the most common on Koholint Island. Their only attack is to shoot rocks at Link from a distance, which can easily be avoided or blocked with his shield. They seem to have a bad sense of direction but will shoot a rock if Link is in sight. Any of his weapons will finish them off in one hit.


Main article: Pincer

Pincers are long worm-like creatures with large fangs at the front of their bodies. They hide in holes, waiting for prey. When Link is near they will emerge from their hole and dart out at him before retreating. Wait until the Pincer starts to come out of its hole, then give it a quick slice with a sword.


Main article: Pokey

Pokeys are cactus enemies in the south-eastern corner of Koholint Island's desert. When Link attacks a Pokey, one of its sections will break off and ricochet around the area. It is best to avoid these enemies if possible, since they move slowly. Starting off with a spin attack, then slicing the sword rapidly at the Pokey is a good method of defeating them.


Main article: Raven

River Zora

Main article: River Zora

River Zoras will randomly surface from beneath the water in the lakes and ponds around Koholint Island. They will only stay above water long enough to shoot a fireball at Link, then will go back under to avoid attack. Most of the time, the River Zora will be difficult to kill with just the sword, so using a long-ranged weapon is advisable to kill them. The fireball is their main attack, and can be a bit challenging to avoid if Link is nearby. The normal shield will not protect Link from their fireballs, however the Level 2 Shield will.

Sand Crab

Main article: Sand Crab

Sand Crabs are only found on Toronbo Shores. These Crabs are a very simplistic enemy; they just move around the screen and don't do much damage at all.

Sea Urchin

Main article: Sea Urchin

Urchins are only found along the beaches in the southwest corner of Koholint Island and they are extremely easy enemies to avoid. They will lie stationary on the ground and the only way Link will take damage from one is if he walks into it. They are also very weak, and will die with one slash of a sword. To get past an urchin, Link can either push it away with a shield or simply kill it with the sword.

Spiny Beetle

Spiny Beetle (Bush)
Spiny Beetle (Skull)
Spiny Beetle (Stone)
Main article: Spiny Beetle

Spiny Beetles are large insects that protect themselves by hiding under objects such as rocks, bushes, or skulls. It is possible to get close to a Spiny Beetle and pick up the object it is hiding under using the power bracelet, but this puts Link in danger of getting hurt. Both rock and skull Beetles must be unprotected before they can be harmed, however. Once it is no longer protected, it is completely vulnerable and will be defeated with one hit. However, it is much easier to just avoid them if possible.


Main article: Tektite

Tektites are spider-like enemies that will quickly hop around the screen. They are usually found in the northern, mountainous areas of Koholint Island. When they are on the ground, they will usually remain still for a few seconds before jumping again. While they aren't moving, Link can either shoot them with an arrow from a distance, or quickly walk up and slice at them with the sword.

Winged Octorok

Main article: Winged Octorok

These Octoroks have a small set of wings attached to their backs. Even with wings, they can't really fly. If Link gets close to them, they will hop in the air and flutter for a second before landing on the ground. While they are in the air, the sword can't reach them. Wait until they are about to land, then slice rapidly with the sword. One hit from any weapon will defeat a Winged Octorok.


Main article: Zombie

Zombies are undead creatures that will crawl out of the ground and quickly come at Link. These enemies are found around the graveyard area of Koholint Island. After walking a few steps, the Zombie will go underground again. Keep walking, quickly turn around and slice the sword to easily defeat a Zombie.


Angler Fry

Main article: Angler Fry


Main article: Anti-Kirby

There is only one Anti-Kirby in the game, and it is found in the Eagle's Tower. The Anti-Kirby is not a very threatening enemy, as they do little damage and are quite easy to avoid. It hops around the room without any real direction and will randomly jump off the ground and suck air into its mouth. The sword will not harm the Anti-Kirby at all, so the best way to kill one is to swing the Magic Rod at it or hit it with the Boomerang.


Main article: Arm-Mimic

The Arm Mimic may be a confusing enemy at first, as they don't move on their own. They will instead mirror Link's movements in opposite directions. If Link moves up, they will move down. If Link moves left, they will move right. Only spin attacks will kill an Arm Mimic, but Link can alternatively dash through them with the sword and pegasus boots equipped.

Big Keese

Big Keese Sprite.png
Main article: Big Keese

Blazing Bat

Main article: Blazing Bat


Main article: Bloober

Bloobers are octopus-like enemies, which are only found in the underwater sections of Catfish's Maw. Although they are very weak and can be defeated with one hit, they may be difficult to avoid as Bloobers are the fastest underwater enemy in the game. When Link is near a bloober he can swing his sword repeatedly to defeat it.


Bombite (Green)
Bombite (Red)
Main article: Bombite

Bombites are enemies that resemble a bomb with eyes and feet. When attacked, green Bombites will show a number on their body that will start at 3 and gradually count down to 1. When the timer gets to 1, the green Bombite will flash and explode like a normal bomb. The easiest way to avoid their explosion is to slash with a sword to push them back when they draw near.

After attacking a red Bombite it will ricochet around the room, bouncing off of the walls. Red Bombites will explode a few seconds after being hit. When trying to defeat a red Bombite it is better to hit it in a straight path, rather than diagonally. If hit diagonally, it may be hard to predict their path.

Bone Putter

Main article: Bone Putter

Bone Putters fly around the room while dropping bombs. After being hit once their wings will break off and they will begin to bounce around. Bone Putters only appear in rooms in the Color Dungeon that have bounce tiles in them.

Boo Buddy

Main article: Boo Buddy

There are only two Boo Buddies in the game, and both are located in the Bottle Grotto dungeon. These ghost enemies will weaken after making the room brighter, so Link can light the torches in the room before fighting them. When the room is dark, the Boo Buddies will attack Link and follow him around the room. If the room is completely dark, then only the Magic Rod or Arrows will kill a Boo Buddy. The easiest way to take down a Boo Buddy is to light the torches in the room, then quickly slash them with his sword.

Camo Goblin

Camo Goblin (Blue)
Camo Goblin (Green)
Camo Goblin (Red)
Main article: Camo Goblin

There is only one Blue Camo Goblin located in the Color Dungeon, unlike the more populous green and red ones. Blue Camo Goblins move very fast; popping out for a couple seconds and then retreating back to their small piles. They're hard to dodge, but easy to kill.

Green and Red Camo Goblins are the more common colors of Camo Goblin, appearing in every room that has Camo Goblins. Before they pop up, run and strike them before they go back into their piles.


Main article: Cheep-Cheep

Cheep Cheeps are weak fishes that are found in the underwater sections of Angler's Tunnel and Catfish's Maw. They will swim slowly left and right, or up and down on the same section of the screen. In some areas, they will also jump out of the water. Any weapon will defeat a Cheep Cheep in one hit.


Main article: Gel

Gels are very weak enemies. Instead of attacking, they attach themselves to Link's body and slow him down and make him unable to use items. After a few seconds, they will release themselves. Gels are the smaller form of the Red Zol, which will split into two Gels after being attacked.


Main article: Gibdo

Gibdos are mummy-like creatures that are some of the more difficult enemies in the game. Coming in contact with a gibdo will take a heart of damage from Link, and it takes quite a few hits from the sword to defeat a gibdo. The Magic Rod will transform the gibdo into an orange stalfos.


Main article: Goomba

Goomba are mushroom-shaped enemies that walk side to side in the underground passages of dungeons. Any weapon will defeat a goomba in one hit. They can only deal half a heart of damage by contact, so goombas are very weak enemies. Equipping the Roc's Feather and jumping on top of a goomba will give Link a heart.

Hardhat Beetle

Main article: Hardhat Beetle

Hardhat Beetles are giant armored insects that constantly run towards Link. The easiest way to get rid of these annoyances is to push them back with the sword into the holes in the ground. The boomerang and Hookshot will freeze a Hardhat Beetle, which might make it easier to defeat them. The only weapon that can actually harm it is a bomb, but it can be hard to line up an attack since they're always moving.

Iron Mask

Iron Mask.png
Main article: Iron Mask

Iron Masks have the front side of their bodies covered with a large metal mask. If Link attacks an Iron Mask from the front, it will only bounce the enemy back. It can, however, be hit from behind with the sword. A spin attack will defeat an Iron Mask in one hit. Link can also use the Hookshot to remove the armor from an Iron Mask.


Karakoro (Green)
Karakoro (Red)
Karakoro (Blue)
Main article: Karakoro

Karakoros move around the room and try to attack every now and then. To defeat them, Link needs to knock them in the nearby hole with a matching color. The green and red ones are very common in the Color Dungeon, and the dungeon contains one blue one.


Main article: Keese

Keese are flying bat enemies that are stationary until Link walks near them. After approaching they will start to fly for a short distance. Keese are extremely weak enemies and will go down with one hit from any weapon.


Main article: Mask-Mimic

Mask Mimics are strange enemies that copy Link's movements in opposite directions, much like the Arm Mimic. The sword will only harm a Mask Mimic if using a spin attack on it from behind. Link can also pick up objects such as pots to throw at Mask Mimics to take them out quickly.


Main article: Mini-Moldorm

The Mini-Moldorm is a worm-like creature that randomly squirms around the floor trying to run into Link. In tight spaces, it can be difficult to dodge their attacks. The easiest way of defeating a mini-moldorm is to wait for it to come nearby and then slash a sword repeatedly.


Main article: Pairodd

These enemies will teleport themselves to the other side of the room when Link comes close to them. After stopping, they will throw a ninja star at Link. The ninja star can be hard to avoid and does a whole heart of damage, so Pairodds can be tricky enemies. Link can quickly run (or jump) to that spot where they will appear and attack before they can avoid it. Long distance weapons such as the Bow work well too. Dashing towards them with the pegasus boots equipped will destroy them quickly.


Main article: Peahat

Peahats are enemies that fly around the room with propellors on the tops of their bodies. Every so often, they will slow down and come to a complete stop on the ground. Peahats are only vulnerable when they are motionless, but any weapon will defeat them in one hit. It is almost always easier to ignore peahats, since they are not aggressive towards Link and will not try to attack him.


Main article: Piranha

Piranha are really weak enemies, but can be a bit unpredictable. They can be found in flooded caves and in Goponga Swamp, swimming back and forth under the water. Piranhas can be located by their fin that sticks out of the water like a shark. Occasionally, it will jump out of the water, leaving it open for attack.

Piranha Plant

Main article: Piranha Plant

Piranha Plants are only found in a few dungeons on Koholint Island. These carnivorous plants have sharp teeth, and hide in pipes in the side-scrolling sections of dungeons. Piranha plants will often be found in the same room as Goombas. Either time Link's jump correctly to miss the Piranha Plant, or jump towards it while swinging the sword to defeat it in one hit.

Pols Voice

Main article: Pols Voice

Pols Voice are an odd rabbit-type of enemy. They hop around the screen trying to attack Link by bashing into him. Unlike most enemies, the Pols Voice is invulnerable to the sword. The easiest way to defeat a Pols Voice is to play the ocarina near them, which will instantly kill any Pols Voice on the screen. If Link does not have the ocarina yet, they can be killed by shooting an arrow or by throwing something at them, such as a nearby pot or rock. Bombs will also harm the Pols Voice, but it may be hard to time hits using them.


Main article: Rope

These snake-like enemies are constantly moving around the room looking for their enemy. When they see Link, they will dart at him in a straight line. Ropes may be frustrating at first, but they are very easy to predict once after some experience. Wait in one spot in the room, near the edge of the wall, or in the corner of the room. When a Rope is darting at Link, face towards it and be ready to give it a single slice with the sword.

Shrouded Stalfos

Shrouded Stalfos (Sword)
Main article: Shrouded Stalfos

These Stalfos act much different than other Stalfos. Their body is covered in a cloak, and they do not hop away from Link when he is nearby. Shouded Stalfos will move slowly around the room shooting arrows randomly, much like a moblin or an octorok. Simply walk up to it and give it a few hits from the sword to defeat it.

Like the Moblins, the Shrouded Stalfos also have a sworded version. When a Sworded Shrouded Stalfos notices Link, it will charge at him just as a Sworded Moblin does. It can be difficult to attack from the front, so try to attack it from behind or slice at its sides with the sword. With a few hits, these enemies will go down quickly. Like the Sworded Moblin, it may be a good idea to use a spin attack on it.


Main article: Spark

Sparks are electrical enemies that move along the walls and boundaries of a room. They are a common enemy in the caves and dungeons of Koholint Island. Their pattern is easily noticed and they will not be much of a threat to Link unless he is in a tight area. Sparks can only be defeated if hit with the boomerang, which will turn them into a fairy.

Spiked Beetle

Main article: Spiked Beetle

These beetles have four spikes protecting the top of their bodies. They will move around the room slowly and dart towards Link if he is nearby. Be sure to have the shield equipped when fighting Spiked Beetles. Hold out the shield and let them run at Link. When they hit the shield, they will bounce back and flip upside-down. Once flipped they are easily defeated with a few sword swipes.


Stalfos (Green)
Stalfos (Orange)
Main article: Stalfos

These skeletal enemies will slowly travel around the room, ready for battle. When Link approaches a Green Stalfos, it will launch itself into the air and try to stomp down on him. Quickly dodge their stomp attacks by moving away, then turn around and try to attack swiftly with the sword. Spin attacks may be useful when trying to defeat a Stalfos.

Orange Stalfos will wander the room like the green variety, but instead of jumping on Link they will jump away from him. When it lands, it will throw a bone club at Link. Be ready to avoid its club since it is one of the few projectiles that can travel diagonally. Attacking from a distance may be a good idea when fighting an Orange Stalfos.


Main article: Star

Stars are unique enemies that slowly rotate while moving around the room. They always move diagonally around the room, and bounce off of the walls and other obstacles in the area. Their pattern is easily predictable and they will only take a single slice from the sword to defeat.


Main article: Three-of-a-Kind

These enemies are different from any other enemies in the game. They are found in Tail Cave and Eagle's Tower, guarding a treasure chest. They always travel in packs of threes, and will always be found in the same room. They flash alternating symbols on their bodies like the suits of a deck of cards. To defeat these enemies, Link needs to slice them with the sword to freeze it in place. This will need to be done with each one so that they all stop on the same symbol, which will destroy all three.


Main article: Vire

Vires are flying, red demons that are found only in Turtle Rock. These devils are able to fly off the edge of the screen and reappear on another side unlike any other enemy in the game, making them very evasive. Attacking Vires with the sword is extremely difficult, as they will quickly fly away when Link gets near them. The fire rod and boomerang are the best weapons against Vires, since it will defeat them in one hit.

Water Tektite

Main article: Water Tektite

Water Tektites are the aquatic version of the normal, land Tektite. They are relatively weak and can be defeated with one hit from any weapon. Found only in dungeons, these enemies will skitter across the water, stopping frequently. Since Link can't attack while swimming, wait at the edge of the water until the tektite comes within range. Link can also defeat these enemies from a distance using the Hookshot or arrows.

Vacuum Mouth

Main article: Vacuum Mouth

Vacuums always appear in rooms with pits. They use their sucking powers for about five seconds, then they stop. Vacuums can also suck up enemies, killing them in the process. Unless they are in a reachable spot, do not attempt to kill them.


Main article: Wizzrobe

Wizzrobes are magical wizard enemies that have the ability of teleporting around the room and shooting beams of energy at Link. These are some of the toughest enemies in the game, so beware. The sword is useless against Wizzrobes, so Link will need to use another weapon on them. The best bet is to use arrows or bombs. Another efficient method of fighting wizzrobes is to freeze it with the Hookshot, then shoot it with arrows.


Zol (Green)
Zol (Red)
Main article: Zol

Zols are odd, goo-like enemies that will slowly hop towards Link when he is nearby. These enemies are very common on Koholint Island, and are found in many dungeons and caves as well as on the overworld. Green Zols are the more common variety, and are very weak. They will hide underground and emerge when Link walks over them. One hit from any weapon will defeat them.

Red Zols will split into two smaller enemies called Gels when attacked with the L1 Sword, arrows, or bombs. Unlike Green Zols, they do not hide underground or jump up when Link steps on them. The Gels are harmless, but they slow Link down if they latch onto him.



Main article: Anti-Fairy

Anti-Fairies are a common enemy and can be found in many dungeons and caves on Koholint Island. They constantly move around the room, bouncing off of barriers such as walls, blocks, or the edges of platforms. They always move diagonally and are easy to avoid when in large rooms, but can be an annoyance if Link is in a small area or narrow hallway. If Link finds himself trapped in a hallway with one coming at him, it may be wise to use the Roc's Feather to jump over it. If Link has the Magic Powder, he should sprinkle some on an Anti-Fairy to turn them into a Fairy. In later dungeons, this can come in handy when Link is desperately looking for health.


Main article: Beamos

The Beamos is an invulnerable statue that will shoot a laser at Link when he passes by. These enemies will stay in place, constantly rotating their heads looking for Link. The lasers that the beamos shoot are strong enough to penetrate through a L-1 shield, but the L-2 shield can block them. The lasers can be quite damaging if they hit Link, causing one full heart of damage.

Blade Trap

Main article: Blade Trap

These sharp traps are commonly found in the dungeons around Koholint Island. They wait at the corner of a room and quickly slide toward Link if he is in their path. After finishing their attack they will slowly retreat back to their resting spot. To safely pass a blade trap, Link can move in front of one then quickly move back, or jump over them with the Roc's Feather. Blade traps cannot be defeated, and are immune to all items and weapons.


Main article: Boulder

These rocks can be found at the north-western part of Koholint Island, near the entrance to Turtle Rock. Boulders will fall from the top of the screen and bounce around the mountainous terrain. There is no way to defeat a boulder. It may be fastest to let Link get hit and continue on the way, instead of trying to dodge them.

Flame Fountain

Flame Thrower Sprite.png
Main article: Flame Fountain

Flying Tile

Main article: Flying Tile

These possessed floor tiles will break off from the floor, hover in the air, and then fly at Link. Be sure not to stand on one of the tiles, because when it comes to life it leaves a hole in its place. Stay in the corner or at the entrance of the room, and keep the shield held up until the tiles have stopped. Link can also swing the sword at them continuously, so they will break when they hit it. This method is slightly more dangerous, however.

Giant Bubble

Main article: Giant Bubble

Found only in the Face Shrine, the Giant Spark is a bigger version of a Spark. It will circle the room just like the normal Spark, but since it is bigger Link has less room to avoid it. The boomerang will not harm the Giant Spark like it does the smaller Sparks. In fact, the Giant Spark is not affected by any weapon and cannot be defeated.

Mega Thwomp

Main article: Mega Thwomp

There is only one Red Thwomp in the game, found in Key Cavern. This Thwomp is held at the top of the screen and will not budge until Link dashes into it with the Pegasus Boots. This Thwomp cannot harm Link and will not fall down on him when he tries to walk under it, like the other Thwomps do.


Main article: Podoboo

Spiked Roller

Main article: Spiked Roller

Spiked Thwomp

Main article: Spiked Thwomp

These big slabs of stone stay motionless at the top of the screen, waiting for Link to walk underneath them. These attack in the same way as other Thwomps, but are bigger. If Link is too slow, the Thwomp will slam down on him as he walks underneath it. Equip the Pegasus Boots and dash under it to avoid it and make it safely to the other side.

Stone Statue

Main article: Stone Statue

Stone Elevator

Main article: Stone Elevator


Main article: Thwomp

Thwimps are the smaller version of Thwomps. Found only in Face Shrine, these stone slabs wait at the ceiling of a room for their enemies to walk underneath them. Simply walking under them is not fast enough, so Link will need to equip the Pegasus Boots and make a quick dash to the other side to avoid getting hurt.

Face Lamp

Main article: Torch Trap