Stone Elevator

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Stone Elevator
Stone Elevator sprite from Four Swords Adventures



Link's Awakening
Bottle Grotto
Four Swords Adventures
The Mountain Path


The Stone Elevator[1] is a trap that appears in Link's Awakening and Four Swords Adventures.

Link's Awakening

The Stone Elevator only appears in Bottle Grotto. There is only one, and it appears underground in a tunnel right before the boss's room. Unlike other, typical elevators in the game, once Link stands on top of it, the elevator reveals its face, trying not to budge with Link's weight on it. His weight alone is not enough to push the stone elevator down.[2] He must pick up a jar nearby with the Power Bracelet in order to be heavy enough to drag it down and proceed into the next area.[3][4]

Four Swords Adventures

Like in Link's Awakening, only one Stone Elevator appears in Four Swords Adventures, being in a cave on The Mountain Path stage. However, the Stone Elevator already reveals its face even when the Links are not standing on it. Like previously, one Link cannot make the trap budge with his weight, so two or more Links need to stand on it to make it slowly fall. Based on how many of them are on the Stone Elevator determines how much it is lowered. In the cave, it can be used to create a platform leading to lower floors of the room. Each level of the room has an item on it, and by standing on the Stone Elevator, the Links can push it down to one of those levels that they otherwise could not reach.



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