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The Armos Knight is an enemy that appears in various forms in The Legend of Zelda series. Whether a boss or an enemy, each form is large and intimidating.


A Link to the Past

The Armos Knight makes its inaugural debut in A Link to the Past. Armos Knights are the boss of the Eastern Palace, the first dungeon of the game. They also later appear as a mini-boss in Ganon's Tower.

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Link's Awakening

An Armos Knight is located in the Southern Face Shrine. It protects the Face Key which opens the Face Shrine. Link can defeat the Armos Knight using the Bow.

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The Wind Waker

Armos Knights appear mostly in the Tower of the Gods and the Wind Temple. They appear as giant stone statues with spikes at their base, and hop around trying to hit Link. But every once and while, they open their mouth. To defeat them, Link must throw a bomb into their open mouth. Once it explodes, the Armos Knight hops around madly for a short time, trying to crush Link, before finally exploding.

Four Swords Adventures

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