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The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks exclusively uses the Heart Container health system throughout the game; Link will encounter no Heart Pieces anywhere. Link begins his quest with three full heart containers but, as the game goes on, Link will collect heart containers found throughout the overworld and after defeating each dungeon boss. Listed below is each Heart Container, along with where it is obtained and how to obtain it.

Location Required Items First Obtainable Description
Forest Temple Whirlwind When completing the Forest Temple. This Heart Container is obtained after defeating Stagnox, Armored Colossus.
Castle Town; Take 'Em All On Challenge Whirlwind, 50 rupees After completing the Forest Temple. Head to Castle Town and enter the building at the bottom-right corner of town to find the Take 'Em All On Challenge. The Level 1 version consists of 10 floors and most of the enemies are fairly easy. However, Link does not get any recovery hearts throughout the 10 floors, but he still can use potions. Listed below are a full list of all enemies on each floor. Head to the Take 'Em All On page to see a list of the enemies in this level.
Snow Temple Boomerang When completing the Snow Temple. This Heart Container is obtained after defeating Fraaz, Master of Icy Fire.
Rabbitland Rescue Rabbit Net After completing the Snow Temple. Capture at least five Rabbits and then return to the Rabbitland Rescue and speak with the Owner. Link can get the Rabbit Net before the Snow Temple, but he will not gain access to five rabbits until after completion of the Snow Temple.
Snow Sanctuary 2,000 rupees After completing the Snow Temple. Can be purchased from the Anouki shop at the Snow Sanctuary for 2,000 rupees.
Hyrule Castle At least 50 rupees After completing the Snow Temple. After completing the Snow Temple Link should be getting a letter from Russell, the swordsman at Hyrule Castle. Check it out and Russell has setup a mini-game of sorts. Link must score at least 60 hits on the three guards to get the Heart Container. The trick is to just stay between the swordsman on the right and at the bottom. Just keep hitting them over and over, and it appears that one of them is reaching back as if they are going to hit Link, quickly turn around and slash at them. Link should be out of reach so the left guard won't be of any problems.
Ocean Temple Whip When completing the Ocean Temple. This Heart Container is obtained after defeating Phytops, Barbed Menace.
Whittleton Village Whip After completing the Ocean Temple. After getting the Whip, head to Whittleton Village where Link can do the Whip Race. If he scores a time of under 1:15, he will be rewarded with a Heart Container!
Fire Temple Bow When completing the Fire Temple. This Heart Container is obtained after defeating Cragma, Lava Lord.
Pirate Hideout None After completing the Fire Temple. After Link has completed the Fire Temple, he can then collect the 16th Force Gem by bringing ten units of Mega Ice to the Fish Seller in Papuchia Village. This will open the new Spirit Tracks, allowing Link to reach the Pirate Hideout. After saving the Papuchia Prisoner Link can play he Pirate mini-game. Score 4,000 points and Link will get the Heart Container!
Sand Temple Sand Wand When completing the Sand Temple. This Heart Container is obtained after defeating Skeldritch, Ancient Demon.
Beedle's Air Shop 5,000 rupees Once Beedle's Air Shop opens, but after obtaining required rupees After purchasing 5,000 rupees worth of goods from Beedle's Air Shop, Link will have become a Gold Club Member. As a reward for being such a frequent shopper, Beedle awards Link with a Heart Container!
Ends of the Earth Station Sand Wand After reaching the Ends of the Earth Station Link first needs to collect the 20th Force Gem to open up Spirit Tracks to access the Ends of the Earth Station, located at the far northeast part of the land. Near the Station, there is a cave that has several block pushing puzzles. After the third and most difficult of the block pushing puzzles, Link will be rewarded with a full Heart Container!