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Whip (Skyward Sword).png
Artwork from Skyward Sword




Defeat/stun enemies
Retrieve items
Grapple to poles
Pull switches

The Whip is a relatively new item in The Legend of Zelda series first appearing in Spirit Tracks. It is used to reach distant ledges, as well as to stun enemies.


Spirit Tracks

Whip artwork from Spirit Tracks

The Whip is acquired in the Ocean Temple after Link defeats a Snapper. It is used to cross gaps and activate fish-shaped switches, as well as attack enemies. The Whip can be used to grab objects that Link cannot pick up on his own, such as the shields of Zora Warriors and the helmets worn by Helmet ChuChus, which can then be thrown back at them or at other enemies. The Whip is necessary to defeat the boss of the Ocean Temple, Phytops, by plucking barbs from its tentacles and using them to expose and attack its eye.

In Whittleton, Link can participate in a mini-game known as the Whip Race. The prizes include a Bomb Bag and a Heart Container.

Skyward Sword

In Skyward Sword, the Whip is found in the Ancient Cistern and is used to open valves, grapple onto poles, and to stun and kill enemies. It is essential in defeating the boss of the Ancient Cistern, Koloktos.