Sand Wand

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Sand Wand
Sand Wand.png




Raise sand
Kill some enemies


The Sand Wand is an item from Spirit Tracks, and is found in the Sand Temple. Link can raise up the sand to create barriers for enemies or objects, allowing him to pass safely. Additionally, if Link is standing on a sandy area, he can use the Sand Wand to raise himself up to a higher level. This is often used to reach higher platforms that hold secrets, treasure chests, or are required to progress within a dungeon.

Certain enemies such as Gerune or Ergtorok can only be defeated by using the Sand Wand. This item is also needed in order to defeat the boss of the Sand Temple, Skeldritch. It is used to stop massive boulders in sand as they are rolling towards Link. Lastly, the wand can be used to move large blocks with the raised sand.