Rabbit Net

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Rabbit Net

The Rabbit Net is an item that Link can obtain from Bunnio in Spirit Tracks.



After completing the Forest Temple, new Spirit Tracks will appear leading from the Forest Realm north all the way into the next realm, the Snow Realm. As Link is travelling these tracks, he will notice an unmarked station along the way. Stopping here will grant Link the knowledge of its name; the Rabbitland Rescue. After Zelda makes a comment on the oddity of the station,[1] Link can explore the place, which will yield the meeting of the lone Hylian inhabitant of the station, Bunnio. He explains that this is the Rabbitland Rescue station, and here he provides rabbits with a safe haven and some much-needed frolicing.[2] After asking Link if he is here to frolic with the rabbits,[2] and then making sure he really is,[3] the man will give Link the Rabbit Net.[4] From now on, Link can use the Rabbit Net to catch any rabbits he finds hiding behind rocks while he is driving his train.


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