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Spirit Flute
Spirit Pipes
Link playing the Spirit Flute




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The Spirit Flute (Spirit Pipes in the European/Australian version) is the primary instrument in Spirit Tracks. It is a sacred pan flute that is passed down through the Royal Family of Hyrule and used to solve puzzles in the game.[1][2]


The Spirit Flute is one of the Lokomos' sacred instruments that are used to bring peace to the land.[3][4][5] It originally belonged to Anjean, but she gave it to Tetra, Zelda's ancestor, on the condition that they protect it.[6][7] Tetra gave it to her descendants, making it a family heirloom, passed down through the generations.[8] The current Princess Zelda's grandmother gave it to her, playing it for her when she was little if she felt sad or upset.[9][10]

Link's first encounter with the Spirit Flute is after he receives his Engineer Certificate from Princess Zelda. She discreetly gives him a letter requesting that he meet her in her room.[11][12] When he enters the room, he finds Zelda playing the Spirit Flute.[13] Later, when Zelda's body is taken from her, she asks Link take the Spirit Flute with him, believing that it is meant to protect her.[14][15]

Once the two reach the Tower of Spirits and retrieve a Rail Map, Anjean explains the Spirit Flute's history to them. She tells them to meet the forest sage, Gage, at his sanctuary.[16] There, the sage accompanies the Spirit Flute on his cello in a Lokomo Song, which restores some of the Spirit Tracks to the land.[17] Link must play several of these Lokomo Songs with the other sages in order to bring back sections of the Spirit Tracks.


The flute has six pipes that all play different notes.[18] It is played by blowing into the microphone of the Nintendo DS and sliding the flute with the stylus to one of the pipes.[19] The note becomes a sharp if Link holds the X button or up on the D Pad, and flat if they hold the B button or down on the D Pad.

The flute is used in duets with the Lokomos to restore the Spirit Tracks to the land.[20] There are also five songs available with unique effects that Link can learn from Sound Stones to play anywhere.[21]


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