Bee Larvae

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Bee Larvae
Bee Larvae from Spirit Tracks





50 Rupees


Restoring health
Fishing bait
Sell for Rupees
Customizing Train Parts

Bee Larvae is an obtainable item found within both Twilight Princess and Spirit Tracks.


Twilight Princess

Main article: Bee Larva

In Twilight Princess, Bee Larva has two different purposes; to restore health and to use as fishing bait. This item can only be obtained after a Bee Hive has been smashed open. If Link wishes to put some in a bottle, he'll be able to hold a total of ten Bee Larvae per bottle. When he ingests it, it will only restore one quarter of a Heart Container.

Spirit Tracks

In Spirit Tracks, Bee Larvae can be can be found scattered all across the various regions and realms of New Hyrule. If Link wishes to sell some of this item, he receives a total amount of 50 Rupees. Aside from being a collectible, Bee Larvae can be used to customize miscellaneous Train Parts at the Trading Post.

In Other Languages[show]
Language Name Description Sell Price
United States English Bee Larvae Readily found in beehives. These energizing larvae sell for quite a bit. 50 Rupees
France Française Larves d'abeille Ces larves qu'on trouve aisément dans les ruches se vendent tres cher. 50 Rupees