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Lumber from Spirit Tracks




50 Rupees (Spirit Tracks)
Free (Tears of the Kingdom)

Obtained from

Whittleton (Spirit Tracks)
Building material caches (Tears of the Kingdom)


Build a fence in Anouki Village (Spirit Tracks)
Ultrahand & Fuse creations (Tears of the Kingdom)



Lumber is a form of wood, cut into long rectangular posts, found in Spirit Tracks and Tears of the Kingdom.

Spirit Tracks

Lumber is a type of cargo, which can be purchased from Whittleton after acquiring the Freight Car. Before being able to purchase Lumber, Link will need to bring Goron Iron to Whittleton, so that the tools needs to cut trees can be polished, allowing Link to purchase Lumber.

Link can bring Lumber to Anouki Village to help build a fence. Link will also need to bring the Bridge Worker from the Trading Post to Anouki Village to complete the fence. After the fence has been complete, Link will acquire a Force Gem. This gem opens up more Spirit Tracks within the Snow Realm, allowing Link to access Snowdrift Station.

Tears of the Kingdom

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Lumber is a building material which can be found frequently in the caches left around Hyrule by Hudson Construction. It can be used to make Ultrahand creations, or fused to a weapon with a fuse attack power of 1.