Snowdrift Station

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Snowdrift Station

The Snowdrift Station is a train station located within the Snow Realm of Spirit Tracks. It is located relatively near the Snow Temple, and is only accessible after Link brings both lumber and the bridge worker to Anouki Village. Once delivered, Link receives a Force Gem that opens the tracks.

Inside a cave, past some White Wolfos are several challenges for Link that if passed, reward him with the proper switch order to open a door to an Alchemy Stone.


Southwest Room: Similar to the Slippery Station, Link must step on a switch to temporarily open a door at the far end of the room. He must then run across the icy floor while making several turns and reach the door in time to read the stone inscription behind the door, revealing a clue to the order of the switches.

Northwest Room: In this room, there is a wooden crate on the icy floor that Link must push all the way to where a small lake is located. After this is done, he must climb on top of the wooden crate and use the Whirlwind to push him across to the other side while evading arrows shooting from the walls as well as Octives that are roaming the waters.

Northeast Room: Here, Link will find himself in a dark room partially lit by torches with Blue Fire. He must use the Boomerang and the Blue Fire to make an ice path to cross the water upon. At the far end is another inscription stone.

Southeast Room: In this room, Link must defeat various Ice Keese and Octives that are on a small lake. To defeat them, he must utilize the Boomerang as well as the Blue Fire to make an ice path across the room, allowing him to slash all of the enemies. Doing so opens the door with the last stone inscription.

After clearing all rooms, Link must use the order given to hit all the switches in order to open the door to the Alchemy Stone.