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The Letter is a recurring item in The Legend of Zelda series. There are many different letters, most of them with names attached to them, like Renado's Letter. However, there are also two unspecific letters in The Legend of Zelda and Link's Awakening, which are commonly referred to as simply Letters.

The Legend of Zelda

Letter sprite from The Legend of Zelda

In The Legend of Zelda, the Letter is given to Link by the Old Man in a cave in the northeast of Hyrule, a couple screens northwest of the Lost Hills. He instructs him to give it to the Old Woman.[1] As long as Link has the letter, the Old Woman, who can be found in many caves across the world, will sell him a pair of health-recovery potions; the Life Potion and the 2nd Potion[2] in her Potion Shops.

Link's Awakening

"You traded Text Hibiscus.png for a goat's letter Text Letter.png! ...Great!?"

— In-Game Description
Letter sprite from Link's Awakening

The Letter is a Trading Sequence item in Link's Awakening. Link receives it from the goat-woman named Christine in Animal Village, who asks Link to deliver it to Mr. Write.[3] If he successfully delivers it to Mr. Write, Mr. Write is very happy to receive a letter, as usually he only sends them.[4] As a thank you gift to Link for giving him the letter, Mr. Write gives Link the Broom.[5]

Ocarina of Time

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In Ocarina of Time, Princess Zelda gives Link a letter in order to get past the gatekeeper at the northernmost point of Kakariko Village and enter the Death Mountain Trail. Later, Link finds a bottle at the bottom of Lake Hylia with a Letter from Ruto inside of it.

Majora's Mask

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Two letters are obtained as part of the quest to reunite Anju and Kafei - the first from Anju to Kafei, the second from Kafei to Madame Aroma. Either can be delivered, or given to ??? as paper for a Piece of Heart.

The Wind Waker

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In The Wind Waker, Medli gives Link a letter to hand to Prince Komali from his father. Moe, a Moblin, and Maggie, a girl on Windfall Island, also both exchange letters to one another.

In addition, letters are delivered to Link over the course of the game through Postboxes, which shake when they have mail. The Rito are in charge of delivering the mail, and there is a mini-game on Dragon Roost Island where Link can apply for a part-time job sorting letters.

Four Swords Adventures

FSA Letter.png

The Letter is an item that can be found in the Village of the Blue Maiden. It is given to the Links by Sweetie. She has been trapped in the Dark World and is worried about her boyfriend, so she asks the Links to bring him the letter.[6] Upon receiving it, he is relieved to learn she is safe and gives the Links Roc's Feather.[7]

Twilight Princess

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The Postman delivers letters to people all across Hyrule. Link receives many letters throughout Twilight Princess.

Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks

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Letters called Prize Postcards can be sent in postboxes to enter a contest, where Link may receive a random Treasure.

Like in The Wind Waker, letters are received from shaking postboxes. In Phantom Hourglass, the Postman reads the letters aloud. However, in Spirit Tracks, things have changed because some people considered it rude, so Link keeps the letters.

Skyward Sword

Main article: Cawlin's Letter

In Skyward Sword, Cawlin gives Link a letter to deliver to Karane during a sidequest.

Non-Canon Appearances

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BS The Legend of Zelda

Letter sprite from BS The Legend of Zelda

The Letter is obtained from an Old Man in a cave on the south-facing shore north of Level 6 of MAP1 and Level 6 of MAP2. It is required to buy Life Potion or 2nd Potion from the Old Women's Potion Shops.



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