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Cawlin's Letter
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Cawlin's dignity


Love letter
Toilet paper


Cawlin's Letter is an item from Skyward Sword. It plays the central part in a sidequest with two possible endings.

Skyward Sword

See also: "Cawlin's Love Letter" sidequest

My love for you is wider than the horizon and deeper than the clouds.
I would very much like it if you would go out with me.
Your brave knight, Cawlin

— The letter, as read by Karane[1].

In the Knight Academy, Cawlin writes the letter to Karane, telling of his crush on her[2], but cannot bring himself to give it to her in person. As a result, he prevails upon Link - another fellow student, who he has belittled and attempted to bully as a henchman of Groose - to deliver it for him[3]. If Link glances at the restroom, where a ghostly voice has been crying out for paper at night, he is very insistent that Link must give it direct to Karane, and it must not be used as toilet paper[4].

Neither result, however, works out for Cawlin. If Link gives in to his bully and hands it to Karane, she rejects him and enters a relationship with Pipit instead. If instead he gives it to Phoeni, the ghostly hand in the restroom, as toilet paper, she reads it and becomes obsessed with Cawlin, leading to the hand stroking him as he shivers and cries for help[5], getting little sleep.

Regardless, Link receives five Gratitude Crystals - from either Pipit or the toilet hand, depending on the result.


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  2. "So listen up! The person you must give it to is a girl... An upperclassman... Her name is Karane. You know who I mean, right? She's the one with the round hat. She's really cute. You know the one. And don't you dare...not even by mistake...even think of giving it to that weirdo in the restroom! Swear it!" — Cawlin, Skyward Sword.
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