Royal Jewels

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Royal Jewels
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Opening the path to the Palace of Winds



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The Royal Jewels are items in Four Swords Adventures. They are protected by each of the four Knights of Hyrule and come in four colors. The Royal Jewels are required to open a path to the Palace of Winds in the Realm of the Heavens.[1] Upon taking over, Ganon turned all of the knights into Big Dark Stalfos and cursed each of the jewels to be portals to the Dark World.[2]

Four Swords Adventures

Blue Royal Jewel

The Blue Royal Jewel is guarded by the Blue Knight and located within The Field. The knight has turned into a Big Dark Stalfos that the Links must defeat. When they do, the Blue Knight apologizes for attacking them and grants them the Blue Jewel.[2]

Green Royal Jewel

The Green Royal Jewel is located at Kakariko Village. Just as before, the heroes must defeat the Big Dark Stalfos and free the Green Knight of Hyrule. The knight then reveals that the one who trapped him was not Vaati but someone else. However, he cannot remember who.[3]

Red Royal Jewel

Obtaining the Red Royal Jewel

The Red Royal Jewel is within the Desert of Doubt. Once the Red Knight's cursed form is defeated, the knight reiterates that Vaati was not the one who cursed them, but rather someone from the desert. He then grants them the royal jewel.[4]

Purple Royal Jewel

The Purple Royal Jewel is in Frozen Hyrule. Upon rescuing the Purple Knight, he urges the Links to head to the Tower of Winds where they can then access the Realm of the Heavens.[5]



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    A jewel guarded by the Blue Knight, one of the Knights of Hyrule serving the royal family. Collecting this, along with the red, green, and purple jewels, opens the path to the Palace of Winds in the Realm of the Heavens.
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