Crystal Ball (Four Swords Adventures)

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Crystal Ball

The Crystal Ball is a container item from Four Swords Adventures. The Links first encounter it in the The Field stage, where it holds a Carrot that can be used to summon Epona. The Links must throw the Crystal Ball to break it and obtain the Carrot inside.[1]

Later, in the The Dark Cloud stage, the Crystal Ball is hidden within a Treasure Chest in the northwest of the stage. The chest is among fifteen other chests in the center of the screen. When the Links take it out of the chest, it initially has the image of a question mark within it. After, it slowly rotates between the image of a Red Force Gem, a Real Bombchu, and a Carrot. When they throw the Crystal Ball, it will break and whatever image is in the ball at that time will materialize.[2] If they wait too long, then the images will slow to remain stuck on the Force Gem. If it is broken on the image of a Real Bombchu, then two of such an enemy appear.


  1. "You got a carrot! Take it out of your crystal ball when you need a horse." — In-game description, Four Swords Adventures.
  2. "You got a crystal ball! It's filled with swirling mists. How unusual! Use the R Button to throw it when you see an item you want!" — In-game description, Four Swords Adventures.