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The Ocarina of Time Trading Sequence is an optional trading quest that involves trading twelve items with various people. The reward for completing the sequence is the Biggoron's Sword, a two-handed weapon that deals more damage than the Master Sword. It is very similar to the Giant's Knife, which can be bought at Goron City, but unlike the Giant's Knife, the Biggoron Sword never breaks.


Before you tackle the Trading Sequence, there are a few requires and recommendations.

While it is certainly possible to complete the trading sequence without Epona, some of the timed quests will be a bit more difficult without her assistance. Also, you will need to reach the other side of the bridge at Gerudo Valley. If you don't have Epona, you will need to acquire the Longshot.

Since you can purchase Blue Fire from the shop in Kakariko Village and you can save Epona right when you become an Adult, you can complete the Biggoron's Sword before tackling any of the Adult dungeons.


Giant's Knife

The Giant's Knife is not an important item in the trading sequence and is not required, but it does give you a hint about the Biggoron's Sword. The sword is hinted at by Medigoron when you are a child, searching through Goron City. When you arrive at an Adult, Medigoron will sell it to you for 200 Rupees. However, it will break after just a few sword slashes.

Pocket Egg

The Pocket Egg is the first item in the trading sequence. Link can get it from the Cucco Lady in Kakariko Village. She wants Link to make the Cucco happy by waking up a very lazy person.[1]

Pocket Cucco

After one night passes, a Pocket Cucco hatches from the collected Egg.[2][3] It needs to be brought to Talon, who sleeps in a house in Kakariko Village.[4] When Link takes out the Pocket Cucco in front of him, he wakes up and returns to Lon Lon Ranch.[5] Link can now go to the Cucco Lady to gather a special Cucco.


After waking up Talon, the Pocket Cucco is happy. The Cucco Lady decides that Link is good enough at taking care of Cuccos that he can handle Cojiro, who used to belong to her brother and is no longer happy now that he has left.[6] Link needs to bring Cojiro to a stranger in the Lost Woods. He gives Link the next item.

Odd Mushroom

The guy in the Lost Woods is asleep when Link first arrives.[7] However, once Link takes out Cojiro, he awakens and asks Link to take the Odd Mushroom to Granny in the potion shop of Kakariko Village.[8] However, it disappears if Link takes longer than three minutes, so he has to move quickly.[9] warp songs don't work.

Odd Poultice

In order to reach Granny, enter the Potion Shop in Kakariko Village, which is the last building on the right on your way to the Death Mountain Trail. From there, take the back exit to get to the back area of Kakariko Village. Here you can enter the somewhat hidden Granny's Shop. Granny obviously knows the person in the Lost Woods and calls the stranger a "bum". She then demands that Link gives her the Odd Mushroom.[10] She makes the Odd Poultice and tells Link to give it to him.[11] In the Nintendo 64 version of the game, this item is known as the Odd Potion.

Poacher's Saw

When Link returns to the Lost Woods, he finds that a Kokiri named Fado has taken the place of the man. She tells Link that the previous person became a Stalfos and only his saw is left.[12] She asks for the potion and in return gives him the Poacher's Saw.

NOTE: If you are playing the Nintendo 64 version of this game, you will not be able to get the Deku Nut upgrade if you have already acquired the Poacher's Saw, due to a glitch in the game, making this one of the Permanently Missable Items in Ocarina of Time. This glitch was resolved and does not effect the Nintendo 3DS version of the game.

Broken Goron's Sword

Link's next destination is Gerudo Valley. Link will need either Epona or the Longshot to cross the broken bridge. Talk to the Master Craftsman, the leader of the Carpenters, who claims the saw is his.[13] If Link returns it, he offers the Broken Goron's Sword.[14][15]


The creator of the broken sword is Biggoron, who can be found on top of Death Mountain. Once Link talks to him, he assures Link that his Swords are much better than the Giant's Knives made by his brother.[16] He wants to repair Link's sword for free, but his eyes are irritated by the last eruption, so he cannot fix it.[17] He wants Link to go to Zora's Domain to get some Eye Drops for him.[18] Biggoron gives Link a Prescription.[19]

Eyeball Frog

Once Link arrives at Zora's Domain, he can talk to King Zora. The King tells Link that he only has the ingredients ― the Eyeball Frog. The Lake Scientist can use it to make the World's Finest Eye Drops, but it has to be delivered within three minutes or it will spoil.[20]

World's Finest Eye Drops

The Lake Scientist is surprised to see the Eyeball Frog and thinks that it is for him to eat.[21] However, once Link explains it to him, he quickly makes the Eye Drops.[22] He tells Link that the drops will spoil if they are not delivered to Biggoron within 4 minutes.[23]

Claim Check

Reaching Biggoron is the major challenge of the Trading Sequence. If you have Epona, and you planted the Magic Bean in front of Dodongo's Cavern, you should be able to make it, no problem. Without one or both of these, this method becomes a bit more difficult.

Alternatively, you can travel directly to Kokiri Forest, enter the Lost Woods, and take the passageway to Goron City. From there you can enter Death Mountain Crater and walk outside to find Biggoron. This one is a tad bit faster but perhaps slightly more confusing as you are jumping from location to location.

Biggoron is very relieved when Link presents the eye drops.[24] He uses them right away and immediately feels better.[25] Now able to continue his sword business, he gives Link the Claim Check and tells him to return after a few days.[26]


Biggoron's Sword

Finally, once 3 days have passed, Link can show Biggoron the Claim Check to get the Biggoron's Sword.[27][28] It is stronger than the Master Sword and does not break.


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