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Cucco Lady





Cucco Keeper



Master Craftsman (Father)
Granny (Mother)
Master Craftsman's Son (Brother)

The Cucco Lady, also known as the Chicken Lady[1], makes her appearances in Ocarina of Time and The Minish Cap as the Cucco Keeper. In Ocarina of Time, the Cucco Lady's parallel character in Termina is Anju, the innkeeper of Stock Pot Inn, in Majora's Mask.


Ocarina of Time

In the past, the Cucco Lady stays near her Cucco Pen in Kakariko Village, asking Link to help her find the seven Cuccos around town. Once Link brings back all seven, she rewards the young hero with an Empty Bottle. In the future, she participates in the Trading Sequence. She actually starts it, by giving Link the Pocket Egg, which will eventually hatch and turn into the Pocket Cucco, which Link can use to awake the sleeping Talon inside one of the homes. After bringing the Pocket Cucco back to the Cucco Lady, she will say that the cucco looks very happy, and thus she decides to give Link Cojiro, a blue cucco. She mentions it's her brother's, and that it has not crowed in awhile. Link can now bring Cojiro to him, who can be found in the Lost Woods. He will thank Link, and give him the Odd Mushroom.

The Minish Cap

Main article: Anju

In The Minish Cap, the Cucco Lady, named Anju, takes care of Cucco and Cucco chicks. Link is able to fuse Green Kinstones with her at various points of the game.




  1. "They say that the Chicken Lady goes to the Lakeside Laboratory to study how to breed pocket- sized Cuccos." — Gossip Stone, Ocarina of Time.