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Obtained from


Can be traded for the Odd Mushroom


Cojiro is the third item in the Ocarina of Time trading sequence.

Ocarina of Time

After Link awakens Talon using the Pocket Cucco, the Cucco Lady is so amazed by her Pocket Cucco's happiness that she asks Link to trade in the Pocket Cucco and take care of Cojiro.[1] She says Cojiro used to belong to her brother, but the Cucco no longer crows since he has left. He is found in the Lost Woods, sleeping.[2] When Link takes out Cojiro near him, the Cucco crows and he wakes up. He claims that Cojiro usually only crows for nice people.[3] Determining that Link must be a nice person, he begs Link to take the Odd Mushroom to Granny in her potion shop in exchange for Cojiro.[4]



  1. "Oh, your Cucco looks pretty happy! He must have awakened an extremely lazy guy! You're a good Cucco Keeper! I'll give you a rare, valuable Cucco, if you're interested... Its name is Cojiro, and it used to be my brother's Cucco. Its blue body is quite charming. It's so cute! Since my brother has gone, it's strange, but Cojiro has stopped crowing." — Cucco Lady, Ocarina of Time.
  2. "?? No response. He's sleeping." — Navi, Ocarina of Time.
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  4. "You... You must be a nice guy! Must be! You must be!! Please Mr. Nice Guy! Please! Deliver this stuff to the old hag in the potion shop in Kakariko Village!" — Master Craftsman's Son, Ocarina of Time.