Fairy Bow

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Fairy Bow
Fairy Bow 1998 Promo Render




Defeat enemies
Activate Eye Switches


In Other Languages[show]
Language Name
Japan 日本語 妖精の弓
France Française Arc des Fées
Spain Español Arco de las Hadas
Germany Deutsch Feen-Bogen
Italy Italiana Arco Magico

The Fairy Bow is an item in Ocarina of Time. It is obtained in the Forest Temple after defeating the Stalfos within the room. The Fairy Bow can be used to shoot fire, ice and light arrows. Link receives Fire Arrows when shooting at the sun above Lake Hylia, and Ice Arrows are obtained when completing the Gerudo Training Ground. Link also receives the Light Arrows from Princess Zelda in the Temple of Time once he has awakened all the Seven Sages. The Fairy Bow can be upgraded from 30 arrows to 40 and 50 in the Kakariko Village Shooting Gallery and the Horseback Archery mini-game.


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