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Japan 日本語 的あて屋
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Spain Español Tiro al Blanco
Germany Deutsch Schießbude
Italy Italiana Sala del Tirassegno

The Shooting Gallery is a Mini-Game in The Legend of Zelda series. It made its debut in A Link to the Past.


A Link to the Past

"The ghostly proprietor of the Shooting Gallery offered visitors five shots at moving targets for 20 Rupees. If these visitors were sharpshooters, they could earn their Rupees back, and more. The prize started at four Rupees and doubled with each consecutive hit. If all five shots were good, the shooter would take in total winnings of 124 Rupees. "

— Nintendo Power Player's Guide

"Sharpshooters Only
While the row of Shooting Gallery targets moved in one direction, hand-shaped obstacles in front of them moved in the other direction. Sharpshooters would wait until there was a long gap between the hands, then take aim and fire.

— Nintendo Power Player's Guide

The Shooting Gallery in A Link to the Past is found in the Village of Outcasts. It costs 20 Rupees to play a game. Link has five shots to shoot with. The more Link hits the targets, the more Rupees he gets.

Ocarina of Time

The Shooting Gallery in Ocarina of Time is found in Castle Town. It later moves to Kakariko Village because of Ganondorf's rule of Hyrule. It costs 20 Rupees to play a game. To win, Link needs to successfully hit all ten Rupees with fifteen shots. If Link hits at least eight Rupees, he gets another free retry.

As a child, Link uses the Fairy Slingshot when he plays. Link needs to hit every single Rupee to receive a larger Deku Seed Bullet Bag. Consecutive wins results in Link gaining 50 Rupees. As an adult, Link uses Bow and Arrows, and if he wins, he receives a larger Quiver. Link can also play without Bow and Arrows, but he only wins 50 Rupees. To win a larger Quiver, Link needs the Fairy Bow, which he obtains in the Forest Temple.

Majora's Mask

Clock Town Shooting Gallery

In Majora's Mask, there are two Shooting Galleries that Link can participate in.

Town Shooting Gallery

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The Town Shooting Gallery is located in East Clock Town. The game is run by the Town Shooting Gallery Manager and Link can play a game for 20 Rupees. Octoroks serve as targets, and Link must only shoot at those except for the blue ones, because the time will be reduced if he does. If Link completes the game with at least 40 points, he is awarded with the Large Quiver. If Link gets 50 points or higher, he is awarded with a Piece of Heart.

Swamp Shooting Gallery

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The Swamp Shooting Gallery is located in the Southern Swamp. Link can participate in a game for 20 Rupees. Link can shoot at Guays, Wolfos, and Deku Scrubs. Once Link beats 2,120+, he is awarded with the Largest Quiver. If Link beats 2,200+, he is awarded with a Piece of Heart.

Koume's Target Shooting

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Koume's Target Shooting is available in the Southern Swamp once Link has completed the Woodfall Temple. Link needs to hit the target at least 20 times and he cannot hit Koume more than 10 times. The reward is a Piece of Heart in the N64 version, and an Empty Bottle in the 3DS version.

Oracle of Ages

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There are two Shooting Galleries in Oracle of Ages. The Lynna Village Shooting Gallery can be found in the Past within Lynna Village. The Goron Shooting Gallery can be found in the Past within Rolling Ridge. Link can win a variety items from the Shooting Galleries, including Magical Rings, Gasha Seeds, and Strange Flute, which becomes Ricky's Flute.

Four Swords Adventures

The Shooting Gallery in Four Swords Adventures is owned by Mage in the Village of the Blue Maiden. Link has ten shots to shoot with, and he shoots at Force Gems as targets. If Link hits the Force Gems, he keeps them.

Phantom Hourglass

Link's friend Romanos opens his Shooting Gallery after Link completes the Temple of Courage. It costs 20 Rupees to play. Link has 70 seconds to play with infinite shots. If Link hits one target, he gets 10 points, and if he hits more targets, he gets more points, up to 50, but if he loses, he starts from 10 points again. If Link beats 1,700+, he is awarded with the Large Quiver. If Link beats 2,000+, he is awarded with a Heart Container.