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This article is about the location in Ocarina of Time. For general location in other titles, see Castle Town.
The Market in Ocarina of Time 3D when Link is a child






The Market is the central hub of Hyrule Castle Town in Ocarina of Time.


The Market is a town square, lined with buildings on all sides which are occupied by minigames and shops while Link is a child, with a large fountain in the centre.

Two west exits lead to the Back Alley, a horseshoe-shaped street which ultimately leads back to the Market, but contains Mamamu Yan's residence and the Bombchu Shop. The northern path leads to Hyrule Castle, a North-Eastern way goes to the Temple of Time, while the southern street leads to a bridge over another street which can't be visited, and ultimately to Hyrule Field.

Seven years into the future, Hyrule Castle Town is destroyed and most residents & businesses have moved to Kakariko Village. The only residents of the Market by this point are ReDeads.

Locations in the Market