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The Shooting Gallery Owner[1] is a character from Ocarina of Time.

Ocarina of Time

The Shooting Gallery Owner operates the Shooting Gallery, located in Hyrule Castle Town Market when Link is a child, and in Kakariko Village when Link is an adult.

When Link is a child, the game will utilize the Slingshot and Deku Seeds. Despite the owner stating that the game is for grown-ups, Link is able to play with his Slingshot.[2] If Link is able to successfully hit all 10 targets, he will be rewarded with a Deku Seed Bag upgrade, allowing him to carry more seeds at once. As an adult, the shooting gallery is exactly the same, but uses the Bow and Arrow, with the reward being an upgraded Quiver. Strangely enough, Link can play the game as an Adult, even before acquiring the Bow from the Forest Temple. If he wins, he will receive 50 rupees, which is also the reward for any subsequent victories of the game.

If Link elects to play, but does not shoot a single bullet, the owner will tell Link that he doesn't have to play if he doesn't want to.[3] If Link tries to talk to him again after doing this, he will just repeat this line over and over, preventing you from playing. During this time, the Shooting Gallery Owner will also no longer look at Link, instead turning his head away from Link. All of this can be reset by leaving and re-entering the Shooting Gallery.



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