Rolling Ridge

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Rolling Ridge




Rolling Ridge is a location within Oracle of Ages located in the north-east section of Labrynna. It has a series of mountains and is the home of the Gorons.


When Link meets the Goron Elder, he will find him trapped in a boulder that has fallen on him. The Gorons are unable to help him and are almost about to lose him. After Link saves him from the boulders with his Bomb Flower, he will reward Link with the Crown Key. The Crown Key can be used to access the fifth dungeon, the Crown Dungeon. In the Goron Shooting Gallery, Link can obtain the Lava Juice, which can be given to a Goron who gives Link the Letter of Introduction in return. The Letter of Introduction is soon after given to the Graceful Goron who manages the Goron Dance Hall. As soon as Link dances with him there, the Graceful Goron rewards Link with the Mermaid Key and the Brother Emblem. The Mermaid Key is needed to enter the Mermaid's Cave in the Past. The Brother Emblem will allow Link access a part of the Rolling Ridge that lets Link seek for the Old Mermaid Key, which is required to enter the Mermaid's Cave in the Present.


After Link has defeated the Great Moblin in his keep, he can obtain the Bomb Flower. After Link has obtained the Crown Key, Link can enter the Crown Dungeon. Soon, Link will have to dance with the Graceful Goron again, and this time around, Link will be rewarded with the Brother Emblem. In the Target Carts mini-game, Link can obtain the Rock Brisket. In the Big Bang Game, Link can obtain the Old Mermaid Key. With the Old Mermaid Key, Link can enter the Mermaid's Cave in the Present.