Target Carts

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Target Carts
Target Carts Interior





10 Rupees


Shoot seeds into rupee targets


"Welcome to Target Carts! Fire your Seed Shooter while riding in a cart. If you hit enough targets, you win a prize! Up to 3 misses wins 20 Rupees. Want to try? It costs 10 Rupees."

— Target Carts Owner

Target Carts is a Mini-Game that appears in Oracle of Ages. The game is found in Labrynna on Rolling Ridge in the present. In order to play Target Carts, Link must have the Seed Shooter and at least ten Rupees to cover the cost of the game.

After paying, the Target Carts Owner reveals the prize for that round.[1] The game begins with Link in a mine cart that travels along a preset track. Along the track are twelve large, blue rupee-like targets that must be broken with a seed fired from the Seed Shooter.

If Link hits nine to eleven targets, he will receive twenty Rupees as his reward. The first time Link successfully hits twelve targets, he is rewarded with a Rock Brisket. After receiving the Rock Brisket, Link can play again for various prizes, including the Boomerang, however, the difficulty of the game is increased by the addition of moving targets. If Link hits fewer than nine targets, no prize is rewarded.


The reward Link receives is dependent upon how many targets he hits.

Score Reward
0-8 Targets Nothing[2]
9-11 Targets 20 Rupees[3]
12 Targets (first time) Rock Brisket[4]
12 Targets Boomerang, Gasha Seed, or Rupees[5]



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