Breath of the Wild Walkthrough – Dueling Peaks

The main portion of the West Necluda region is east of the Great Plateau. If you choose to follow the Seek Out Impa main quest story, it will lead you in this direction.

2.1 Dueling Peaks Tower

Once you are ready to leave the Great Plateau, be sure your main quest objective is toggled as Seek Out Impa so that marker appears on the map. Run over to the east end of the Great Plateau or just warp over to Ja Baij Shrine. From there, use your newly acquired Paraglider to leap off of the Plateau, heading eastward.

Dueling Peaks is the massive rock structure to the east that you can see from a great distance. It’s a mountain with a split directly in the middle, allowing for a narrow valley to squeeze through. Right next to this pathway, there is the Dueling Peaks Tower and that is our next destination. When the tower is visible, activate the Sheikah scope, move the cursor to directly on top of the tower, and assign a pin. This will help orient you, especially as the map is not yet revealed.

Along the path you will come across the Bosh Kala Shrine. You can tackle the shrine if you so choose (click the link to open the wiki page with a mini-walkthrough), but definitely activate it so you can use it as a teleport point in the future. Make your way eastward, crossing the Proxim Bridge. Continue making your way towards the massive rock structure in the distance. As you draw near you will see the Tower, located just north of the shallow river. Swim across to reach the north side, but beware of the enemy Octoroks that are in the water. You can defeat them by reflecting a rock back with your shield. Be sure to pick up any Octo Balloons they drop, as this item is useful for solving puzzles. Dropping an Octorok Balloon on something will lift even heavy objects into the air.

Once you draw near to the tower, swim on over and begin scaling it. These towers are really tall and can be quite tedious to ascend. Use your stamina selectively. While jumping increases speed, you spend more stamina jumping than you do for climbing the same distance at your normal speed. Save jumping for when you know you’ll reach the next ledge without running out of stamina. When you reach the top, place the Sheikah Slate into the Pedestal to open up the beacon, revealing the map for this region.

Additionally, doing so will give you the Sheikah Sensor. This ability will react whenever there is a shrine nearby that you have yet to visit. If you move in the direction where the reaction is strongest, you can usually find the Shrine, or refer to our Interactive Map for assistance. While this walkthrough will occasionally mention shrines you may pass by, it will not cover them in detail. Use the Interactive Map, or click the name of the shrine, for shrine details. For an overview of all shrines, use the Shrine Locations page. That said, it is recommended to complete as many shrines as you have the patience for. Feel free to get sidetracked and roam far and wide completing them, as they often contain additional rewards, not just Spirit Orbs. The main quest will wait for you!

2.2 Dueling Peaks Stable

But assuming you’re moving forward on the main quest, we want to head eastward through the Dueling Peaks’ valley. There is a river here, along with a pathway on the side of the river, so Paraglide over to that side. As you travel eastward, you’ll see that your Sheikah Sensor will vibrate, highlighting the nearby shrine that is on the higher ledge to the north. You can detour if you’d like and complete the Ree Dahee Shrine, but otherwise continue heading eastward.

Once the pathway opens up, you’ll find another shrine just north of the river. This one however has spikes around it, blocking off the entrance. You can use your Cryonis ability on the water to create a pillar, and then jump over to the entrance of the Ha Dahamar Shrine. Complete the Shrine if you’d like, but otherwise, just use it as a warp location. Completing the shrine will clear the spikes around it, however you can run up the shrine along its backside to escape the area without taking damage if you do not complete it.

It’s a good idea to run eastward to the Dueling Peaks Stable and talk with many of the characters. The depth of character interaction is deep in this game and they will often provide many extraneous background details to further your immersion into the world. For instance, wandering characters might be frightened by nearby monsters and reward you if you fight them off. Characters you have already met will have their name above their head when you get close; this helps easily identify characters you have not yet talked to. Also, characters with a quest available to you will have a red exclamation mark icon when you get close enough to them to show their name. Important and/or quest-related characters will often have a line or two of dialogue simply when you walk near them, to entice you to interact with them. And if you accidentally start a side quest you don’t intend to do right away, it will wait for you forever and you can do other things as much as you want. Ultimately, it’s strongly recommended to spend time talking to as many people as you enjoy talking to. Play the way you have the most fun!

In addition to a wealth of characters for the first time, there is also an assortment of nearby items, at least one sidequest available, as well as wild horses surrounding the stable. At this point it is probably a good idea to try and tame a horse for faster transportation, although this is entirely optional if you’d rather skip it, or prefer to travel in ways a horse can’t keep up with (such as teleporting, climbing, paragliding, or shield surfing). To tame a horse, slowly sneak up to it and when you are nearby, you can jump on (but be careful when coming from directly behind it, as if you’re detected, you might get kicked. Ouch.) Alternatively, you can try to just sprint up towards the horse, but it might knock you down. More details on horse taming and owning can be explained to you by the characters at the stable.

If you decide not to bring your horse with you, you can leave it a stable, and pick it up at any other stable in the world. Since the horse can’t teleport with you, that’s the best way to bring it with you across long distances. Or, alternatively, you can register up to 5 horses and keep them in various parts of the world waiting for you, so one is always nearby. Or not use horses at all. Either way, when you are finished horse wrangling, head northward along the path, continuing to follow the marker for the Seek Out Impa Main Quest.

2.3 Kakariko Village

The path heading northward is a bit of a curvy road, but it is fairly straightforward and there isn’t much to see. Along the way, just past the Kakariko Bridge, you will encounter a character known as Hestu. This will trigger a sidequest titled The Priceless Maracas, which is the introduction to the Korok Seed Collectibles. After completing his sidequest, if you’ve been diligently exploring and have found at least two Korok Seeds, you can add two weapon slots before continuing, which is strongly recommended. There are in fact plenty of Korok Seed locations quite close by, even if you haven’t a single one yet. To look for Korok Seeds near your location at any time, use our Interactive Map. After two upgrades are performed, Hestu will move to a new location, even if you have more seeds to spend. More information can be found on the Korok Seed Collectibles page.

Continue northward until you reach Kakariko Village. Once you arrive in town, you should again run around and talk with as many of the characters as you wish. Multiple sidequests are available. There is also an armor shop selling the Hylian set and the Stealth set.

The Hylian set is a standard lightweight armor, similar to what you’re already wearing, but is a defense upgrade. Depending on your combat skills, defense may be a very welcome thing at this point, and is therefore recommended. Note that some pieces of the Hylian set may already be freely owned by those who have done tremendous amounts of side-exploring and found them in chests in the West Necluda region (which includes the Great Plateau).

The Stealth set is absolutely recommended for those who want to be sneaky. Wearing all three pieces will allow you to move around without crouching, yet be as quiet as crouching is in a different set of armor. (Sprinting will still make maximum noise, however.) If sneaky doesn’t match your personal playstyle, however, this set of armor can be skipped and/or saved for later, as it is lower in defense and more expensive than the Hylian set.

You may not have a rupee to your name at this point, however the easiest way to afford this armor is to sell materials you have come across: in particular, any minerals (Opals, Rubies, etc.), as they are the most valuable and least likely to be used for another purpose, such as cooking. In general, you do not want to sell armor or weapons, as they are harder to come across (or irreplaceable) and not worth as much.

And before you leave, make sure to unlock the teleport point for the Ta’loh Naeg Shrine up the hill, to make it easier to teleport back here later. If you’ve collected four or more Spirit Orbs, there is also a Goddess Statue just across from Impa’s house, near the fire. When you have side-tracked yourself as much as you can stand and you’re ready to progress, head towards the Seek Out Impa objective marker to find Impa’s house.

There are two guards blocking the pathway, but after talking to them, they will see your Sheikah Slate and let you pass. Climb up and enter the house here to meet Impa. Speak with Impa, who says much of what we just learned from the King on the Great Plateau. Impa will then guide you towards the direction of the Hateno Village.

At this point, even if you are primarily following the main quest, things really begin to open up as there are multiple primary objectives, which can be done in any order you like (or even skipped entirely). You can also partially complete an objective, go do something else, and come back later (or never finish it either). The freedom to play as you please in this game cannot be overstated. Therefore, do not consider this a linear walkthrough. If you prefer to head in a different direction, simply select the relevant chapter and have at it. Your Adventure Log will help you keep track of any Main Quests, Shrine Quests, or Side Quests you have located, including ones you have already completed.

For the purposes of our walkthrough, however, we recommend to head to Hateno Village as the next step. In our opinion, this is the closest, easiest, and most rewarding direction to head at this point.

  • IckyRickyB

    The heart progress at this point says 3 but the screenshots show 4. Did you trade in orbs to get the extra heart?

  • Josh

    The heart progress will not correlate with the screenshots in this walkthrough, as completing the shrines (except for the first 4) are not included and tracked. He did trade in the first four orbs for a Heart Container, though.

  • Dave48

    Can you get a sword that doesn’t break???

  • Dave48

    Ps I’m heading towards hateno

  • Thortok

    Eventually probably, but not at this point in the game.

  • Justin

    What would be the reason for NOT entering any shrine I come across?

  • Thortok

    If it’s too hard and you can’t beat it, if you’d rather do something else like the main story quest, if you don’t think they’re very fun, if you’re trying for a speed run, if you plan to come back later and don’t want to get distracted from what you’re currently doing, or if you simply just want to.

  • Justin

    OK, I was wondering if there was a reason to wait beyond those you mention. Thanks!

  • Deondra Staab

    Just to let everyone know if you take a hit from a Guardian wile on a horse it will kill the horse

  • Early on, I felt like just running through the main quest and didn’t want to get distracted by the Shrines. So I was going to them just to unlock them and get the warp portal.

  • Dedeedn

    Alright so something that bothers me is that it says 13 out of 15 main quests completed ( 14 since you can’t cross out Destroy Ganon on a save file ) and I have no idea where the last one is. I do not have it in my log and all these websites only shows 14 main quests. Anyone?

  • Thortok

    Do you have ‘Find the Fairy Fountain’ in your log? I noticed this was a ‘main quest’ that acts a lot like a sidequest and was not covered in Mases original version of the walkthrough.

  • Jimmie Breedon

    Where do I find the amino feature?

  • Jimmie Breedon

    Where do I find the amiibo feature?

  • Thortok

    Pause menu, all the way to the right, options.

    Once activated, rune menu, all the way to the right.

    A link to the wiki page on the subject is at the end of the first chapter in the walkthrough.

  • Jimmie Breedon

    No I know how to use it I just need to know where the shrine to get it is

  • Dedeedn

    Hmm, nope. Only active thing is Destroy Ganon. Any ideas how you got that quest?

  • Mike Kent

    I think you need to get off the great plateau first? Not sure where in the game progression your able to use it, but it doesn’t come from a shrine…

  • Mike Kent

    Kakariko village, you have to talk to the painter i think? who wants you to take a picture of it, and lead you 90% of the way there.

  • Dedeedn

    Hmm, I’ll take a look. Cheers!

  • Jimmie Breedon

    Kool thanks

  • Thortok

    No shrine to get it, just get a paraglider.

  • Thortok

    I added instructions to the end of chapter 3.

  • Thortok

    Yes, that’s correct, completing the Isolated Plateau quest is when you can begin to use amiibo.

    Again, I recommend checking out the amiibo page on the wiki for your amiibo questions.

  • Thortok


  • franteno

    I was able to use amiibo after the first or second shrine, I completed only two shrines so far and I’m able to read all the Zelda amiibo that I have

  • Jethro

    How do u u hold the blue fire at hateno village

  • Thortok

    Use a wooden weapon, such as a torch, and then ‘attack’ the blue fire to carry it. Putting your weapon away will put out the fire.

  • Dun dun dahhhh

    Cado gives you a quest to find his cukoos, and i cant find the last 2 dose anyone know where they are

  • Dun dun dahhh

    Oh no not the horse

  • Thortok
  • Achmed

    1 @ the roof of the clothing store. 1 you can only reach @ night, in the garden with the tree’s

  • Kirsten Meow

    where do I go or what do I do to make the full map visible? I just recently got to hateno village, please help!

  • Thortok

    Make sure to cliimb and unlock towers! Orange ones are not unlocked! That should be the first thing you do whenever you enter somewhere new.

  • reidar

    How do I teleport from a place to anothrt

  • BlackLoly

    Is it necessary to collect all the memories before talking to Impa and receive the Divine Beasts quest?

  • Thortok

    No you get both quests at the same time. You can switch between active quests in your Activity Log.

  • Midnafan

    Ive had my horse catch fire from that, she’s pretty resilient ive never actually had one die from that. The only time i had one of my own horses die was when i misfired a bomb arrow.

  • Midnafan

    The Master Sword doesn’t break but it does run out of energy and you have to wait for it to recharge so essentially no. Yay, melee fighting.

  • wazthatme

    you can only teleport to Shrines and Towers from what I have seen if thats just all the way true I am sorry. To TP to the Shrines or Towers you need to go to them and use your tablet on them so towers you have to climb to the top and gather the map info from then and Shrines you just have to go to the front door and open them you dont have to enter them or beat them if you dont want to. After you do that you will be able to Teleport to them by using the map and clicking on the Shrine or Tower you would like to go to and you will be on your way.