Koko's Specialty

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Koko's Specialty



Koko Cuisine Side Quest



Give Koko Courser Bee Honey


Koko's Specialty is a Side Quest from Breath of the Wild.


Koko is available outside the General Store in Kakariko Village, between 12pm and 7pm. In order to start this quest, Link will first need to complete Koko's Kitchen, Cooking with Koko, and Koko Cuisine.


Koko wants to make some Energizing Honeyed Apple, which she wants to make for her deceased mother in Heaven, but she does not have any Courser Bee Honey.[1][2]

Courser Bee Honey is found wherever Link sees a beehive. Link can climb up a tree to grab the beehive, or shoot it down with an Arrow. Once Link shoots it down or grabs it, Bees will attack Link and he'll have to fight them off. They are most common in wooded areas, in particular there are a few in the Forest of Spirits within the Great Plateau, as well as the Bubinga Forest, just east of the Dueling Peaks Stable.

After gifting Koko the Courser Bee Honey, she will give you your reward in the form of a dish of Energizing Honeyed Apple. This will complete the quest and is the last of the many quests with Koko.[3][4]

At any point if you want to know the recipe for Energizing Honeyed Apple, Link can find it in the Adventure Log entry for Koko's Specialty side quest.


  1. What should Koko make for dessert? OH! Koko will cook a honeyed apple! Mother loved those! It melts in your mouth and is sooo delicious! Let's see... The ingredients are... an apple and courser bee honey... Hrm? ...Courser bee honey? OH, NO!! Koko is all out of courser bee honey... The bees attack you when you get closer to their hives. It's too dangerous for Koko to go get more... Koko wanted to make some for Mother in heaven... But...Koko is a bad daughter who can't do anything right. - Koko
  2. Koko wanted to make a honeyed apple, but Koko forgot the courser bee honey?! - Koko
  3. Wait... Is this... courser bee honey!! Are you sure about this? Really? Thank you so much! Koko means it! Just stay right there a second! - Koko
  4. This... This is... Koko...remembers... When Koko had a fever, Mother would always cook this just for Koko. When Mother made her special dessert, she always put some of this in it. Waaah! Mother!! Koko... Koko...will do her best and try to be as good as you on day! Koko will get better and better! Koko promises! Koko was able to re-create Mother's dishes! Koko...feels better now! It's all thanks to you! Please, take this! - Koko