Energizing Honeyed Apple

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Energizing Honeyed Apple

"Instantly refills some of your Stamina Wheel. A juicy sweet-and-sour dish combining newly ripened apples with honey."

— In-Game Description

Energizing Honeyed Apple is a Meal of food in Breath of the Wild. It can be cooked over a Cooking Pot, and requires specific ingredients to make, listed below.


Breath of the Wild

Energizing Honeyed Apple is a variety of the Honeyed Apple that requires an Apple and some Courser Bee Honey. When consumed, this meal will restore some of Link's hearts, as well as instantly refill some of Link's Stamina Wheel. Link can add a few ingredients to this meal without changing its name, such as a Wildberry, an Acorn, or some Hylian Rice. However, if Link adds an ingredient that has an enhancement effect, such as a Spicy Pepper or Mighty Bananas, that effect will cross out the effect of the Courser Bee Honey, and Link will instead make regular Honeyed Apple. If Link adds a Mushroom, Meat, or Fish as an ingredient, it will completely change the meal that Link cooks.

Koko's Specialty

Main article: Koko's Specialty

As part of the Koko's Specialty quest, Link will need to give Koko some Courser Bee Honey.[1][2] After giving him the honey, Koko will create an Energizing Honeyed Apple meal and as a thanks to Link, she will give him a dish.

Cooking Ingredients

Material Icons Quantity
1 or more
Courser Bee Honey.png
1 or more

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