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An excited Koko







Cottla (Younger Sister)
Dorian (Father)

Koko is a character from Breath of the Wild.


Koko lives in Kakariko Village with her younger sister Cottla and her father Dorian. She is an aspiring chef and wants to someday be like her deceased mother. Koko lives with her family in the home located at the north part of town, just northeast of the Enchanted Armor Shop. She will sleep at nighttime in the same bed with her younger sister Cottla. She is an illeist, as she regularly refers to herself in the third person.

While she appears to be close in age with her sister, Koko is much more mature and has a better understanding about life. Koko is an early riser, waking up at 5am right alongside her younger sister. Each morning, Koko will run over to the grave where her deceased mother lays to rest, located just outside the village on the path north from Impa's home.[1] She stays there until 8am, crying in front of the grave.[2] She reveals that her father has not told the kids about the passing of her mother, but Koko is aware that she is gone and is hopeful that she is making friends in Heaven.[3] She knows that her father is lying, but is also protective of her younger sister Cottla, as she is too young to understand what happened with her mother.[4]

Just before 9am, Koko will run back over to her home and meet with her father and sister, sitting beneath a tree that her mother once loved.[5][6] At 11am, Koko gets up and will make here way over to her cooking pot, just south of Impa's house.[7] If at anytime between 11am and 7pm it begins raining, Koko will take shelter within the Shuteye Inn, sad that she is not able to cook.[8]

She will remain at the cooking pot for much of the day, returning home at 7pm to wait for her father.[9] She tries to stay awake until her father arrives, with her younger sister falling asleep before her. She too will sleep around 9pm, still mumbling about waiting for her father to get home.[10] There is no animation for Koko to actually go to bed and she'll only go to sleep if Link is out of the house and out of sight. Otherwise she will remain, just sitting on the bed until morning when she gets up for the day.

Cooking Quests

When Link speaks with Koko while she is standing by her cooking pot, Link can begin a number of Side Quests that involve cooking food. She will need Link to bring her some ingredients so she can cook meals. At any point Link can refuse to give her the ingredients, although this makes Koko sad and she refers to Link's comment as cold.[11] Koko enjoys cooking and strives to be a great chef, just like her mother.[12][13]

After completing all of the cooking quests with Koko she decides that she wants to become a chef when she grows up. With all four of the meals that she made, she relied on other Mother's recipes. She now wants to come up with her own recipes, but acknowledges that this is not an easy task.[14]

Koko's Kitchen

Main article: Koko's Kitchen

When Link first speaks with Koko, she is trying to make Veggie Cream Soup for her younger sister Cottla. However, she does not have Swift Carrots.[15][16][17]

Provide Koko with the Swift Carrots she needs to make Hasty Veggie Cream Soup and she will be delighted.[18] She will even give Link some Hasty Veggie Cream Soup as a reward for helping out.[19]

Cooking with Koko

Main article: Cooking with Koko

After completing Koko's Kitchen, Link can speak with Koko once again to start the Cooking with Koko quest. This time, Koko is in need of some Goat Butter for the Hot Buttered Apple she wants to make.[20][21] She is sad when Link tells her to cheer up, asking for the material instead of Link's sympathy.[22]

When Link gives Koko the Goat Butter, she will be ecstatic, thanking Link for providing the Goat butter.[23] As a reward for doing so, Koko will provide Link with a dish of Hot Buttered Apple.[24]

Koko Cuisine

Main article: Koko Cuisine

After completing Cooking with Koko, Link can speak with Koko once again to start the Koko Cuisine quest. This time, Koko is in need of some Raw Meat in order to cook some Tough Meat-Stuffed Pumpkin.[25][26] She is sad when Link tells her to cheer up, stating that she feels so empty without raw meat.[27]

After giving Koko some Raw Meat, Koko will be very thankful and will cook up some Tough Meat-Stuffed Pumpkin.[28] As a thanks for helping her out, Koko will give Link a dish of the meat-stuffed pumpkin.[29]

Koko's Specialty

Main article: Koko's Specialty

After completing the Koko Cuisine, Link can speak with Koko once again to start the Koko's Specialty quest. Koko is in need of some Courser Bee Honey in order to make some Energizing Honeyed Apple.[30][31] She is sad when Link tells her to cheer up, stating that Link's words aren't helping and that she really needs some honey.[32]

After Link brings some Courser Bee Honey, Koko will be both thankful and sad, as she will cook some Energizing Honeyed Apple, but it reminds her of her deceased mother.[33][34] She will give Link a dish of the dessert for his help.



  1. Sorry! Koko is in a bit of a rush! Koko has to go visit Mother before Cottla gets home. - Koko
  2. Waaaaah! What is it?! Koko isn't... *sniffle* Koko isn't crying! Koko needs to be strong for Mother... - Koko
  3. Mother is...sleeping here. She's probably making friends in heaven... Father thinks it's best not to tell us she's gone. But Koko knows. That's why Koko must be strong! - Koko
  4. Father is bad at lying. Cottla is just too young to realize it... Oh! Please don't tell Cottla you saw Koko here today! - Koko
  5. Koko is meeting Father soon. Koko has to go! - Koko
  6. Mother loved this tree! She said it's big and kind, just like Father! - Koko
  7. Time to cook a meal for Cottla... - Koko
  8. It's raining now, so Koko can't cook... - Koko
  9. It's already this late?! Koko's gotta get home before it's dark! - Koko
  10. Must...stay awake...until Father's home... Koko...must stay...awake... - Koko
  11. Oooh, that's cold... - Koko
  12. Koko wants to try cooking different things so Koko can be a great chef, just like Mother! - Koko
  13. Koko will work hard to get better and better at cooking! - Koko
  14. Oh! It's you! Koko has made a decision! Koko will become a chef when Koko grows up! That way, Koko can make everyone happy with yummy food! This whole time, Koko has been relying on Mother's recipes. But from now on, Koko will come up with her own recipes too! To be honest...coming up with recipes is hard! - Koko
  15. Today's dinner is veggie cream soup! It's super nourishing and fortifying! Well, that's what they say, anyhow. It must be true! All you do is toss a swift carrot, rock salt, and fresh milk in a pot and stew it up. Then, voilà! So yummy! - Koko
  16. ...OH, NO! Koko is all out of swift carrots! But...Koko promised to make Cottla some hasty veggie cream soup... - Koko
  17. Koko promised to make Cottla some hasty veggie cream soup... But Koko has no swift carrots! Koko is supposed to be like a mother for Cottla... Koko is a bad big sister... - Koko
  18. Is that...a swift carrot?! Thank you so much! So very much! Now Koko can make dinner for Cottla... Yeah! Time to get cookin'! - Koko
  19. Ooooh, it came out perfect! Here, please have some! Koko's treat! - Koko
  20. What should Koko make now... OH! Hot buttered apple sounds good! Mother used to make it all the time! Cottla loves it too! Let's see... The ingredients are... some apples... and...goat butter? OH, NO!! Koko is out of goat butter... Koko is a bad daughter who can't do anything right. Koko will never be like Mother... - Koko
  21. Koko wants to cook a hot buttered apple but forgot the goat butter?! - Koko
  22. Koko doesn't need your sympathy. Koko needs some goat butter! - Koko
  23. Is this... goat butter?! Are you really sure about this? Really? Thank you so much! Koko means it! Stay right there for a second! - Koko
  24. Mmm! What a yummy smell! And that hint of butter makes all the difference! Oh! Oh! And the apples are superbly sweet too! Here, take some. It's really something else. - Koko
  25. Hmm, what should Koko make now... OH!! Koko will make Father's favorite! Tough meat-stuffed pumpkin! It's great for an energy boost. Let's see... The ingredients are... fortified pumpkin and raw meat. Hrm? ...Raw meat? OH, NO!! Koko is out of raw meat... Koko could use a different kind of meat, but...without raw meat, Koko can't re-create Mother's recipe... Father used to go hunting to make sure we always had raw meat. But he's at work right now... Koko is a bad daughter who can't do anything right. Koko will never be like Mother... - Koko
  26. ARGH! Koko wants to cook tough meat-stuffed pumpkin but forgot the raw meat?! - Koko
  27. Without raw meat... Koko feels so empty... - Koko
  28. Is this... raw meat?! Are you sure about this? Really? Thank you so much! Koko means it! Stay right here for a second! - Koko
  29. Mmm! What a scrumptious smell! Oh, and that savory meat pairs SO well with the sweetness of the pumpkin! This is just how Mother made it! Here, have some! It's so good! - Koko
  30. What should Koko make for dessert? OH! Koko will cook a honeyed apple! Mother loved those! It melts in your mouth and is sooo delicious! Let's see... The ingredients are... an apple and courser bee honey... Hrm? ...Courser bee honey? OH, NO!! Koko is all out of courser bee honey... The bees attack you when you get closer to their hives. It's too dangerous for Koko to go get more... Koko wanted to make some for Mother in heaven... But...Koko is a bad daughter who can't do anything right. - Koko
  31. Koko wanted to make a honeyed apple, but Koko forgot the courser bee honey?! - Koko
  32. Your sweet words aren't helping... What Koko needs is some sweet courser bee honey. - Koko
  33. Wait... Is this... courser bee honey!! Are you sure about this? Really? Thank you so much! Koko means it! Just stay right there a second! - Koko
  34. This... This is... Koko...remembers... When Koko had a fever, Mother would always cook this just for Koko. When Mother made her special dessert, she always put some of this in it. Waaah! Mother!! Koko... Koko...will do her best and try to be as good as you one day! Koko will get better and better! Koko promises! Koko was able to re-create Mother's dishes! Koko...feels better now! It's all thanks to you! Please, take this! - Koko